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The Only Place to Meet

Refugees in Amman are often living isolated in their own national and sectarian communities. CRP provides a place where they come together and learn from each other.

Connecting Minds and Bodies to Heal from Trauma

CRP's Mind-Body Medicine program is a way for people to connect with their own emotions, open up about their feelings and heal their trauma. But it doesn't just help the individual participants. Read more to find out how it benefits family, friends and the whole community. . .

Childcare: Crucial for Mothers, Great for Kids

Childcare is not only a space where kids can play, learn and grow. It is also crucial for mothers who need someone to look after their children when they want to engage in the center's activities.

A Way Out of Social Isolation

Without their husbands or wider family support, women being the only heads of households often face social isolation in displacement. CRP provides a space for them to get to know other people from the community.

The Relationship Between Art and Peace

Calligraphy is an ancient art form with a lot of tradition in the Middle East and beyond. Read how CRP's recently implemented Calligraphy program helps beneficiaries to calm down, express themselves creatively and learn a valuable new skill all at the same time. . .

New Skillset Leads to New Sense of Purpose

Essam and and his son Maher fled Syria to Jordan and are learning to cut hair at CRP's Barbershop program. Designed to increase refugees' livelihood, the program also gives people back a sense of purpose. . .

English Classes Provide Hope and Friendship

English classes not only provide language skills to our community members—they are also a space of laughter, joy and new friendships.

A Check-Up from Education Consultant Beryl Cheal

CRP is honored to welcome back Beryl Cheal, our education consultant, this month who is here to check up on us and help us improve our youth programs. With her invaluable 60 years experience working...

Welcome to CRP, Assem and Alaa

The number of refugee kids dropping out of school in Jordan has grown due to a decrease in funds for NGOs. This comes in addition to an increase in the overall refugee population: Yemeni, Sudanese,...

Teens Go Old School with Film Photography

“I love taking pictures, usually I use my phone but this is so different and much more fun because there are so many options and so many different things to think about while taking pictures,”...