Last week, we gathered at CRP’s Downtown center for a very memorable Ramadan Iftar. It was my first Iftar since arriving in Jordan two months ago–and being surrounded by the CRP family made it really special. 

An Iftar is a breaking of the fast, but the CRP Iftar is more than just a meal–it’s a gathering of big-hearted individuals coming together to support our mission of fostering community. There were so many incredible moments and amazing people involved, it’s hard to pick which to highlight. I’ll start with the food since that’s what makes an Iftar–last year’s dinner was catered by the local restaurant group, Romero. This year they generously provided us with tables, chairs, plateware, cutlery, buffets, and servers, but the entire meal was planned and prepared by the talented women of Hope Kitchen (a part of our popular Hope Workshop collective). Cooking for 100 is truly a remarkable feat!

And we had incredible entertainment and activities. 

  • Beautiful Iraqi music was provided throughout the night by musicians in the CRP music department
  • CRP hosted our first live auction–a wildly entertaining experience led by our head of Emergency Assistance, Samer–which brought much laughter to the room as he did his best to channel a professional cattle auctioneer from the American Midwest. 
  • With the help of some industrious local school students, we sold raffle tickets for a chance to win one of three overflowing baskets filled with donated gifts from generous local companies*. 

We sold candles and soaps made by our community members, art made by our art students, totes made from single-use plastic bags from our Upcycling Program, and of course, our famous Hope Workshop handicrafts.

And the night was made truly magical by the speech from our Programs Officer, Noor, whose heartfelt words reminded us of the incredible impact of CRP’s programs on the individuals in our community. 

“[Coming to CRP], I started to heal myself. I started to build friendships, have new people in my life, and a job everyday to wake up for in the morning. It was like magic.”

Your support, whether through donations or joining us at our Iftar, means the world to us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our community this Ramadan and always.

Looking forward, I am excited for what’s ahead for CRP. Together, as a community united in purpose and compassion, we will continue to create moments of light and hope for those we serve.

*Want to know more about our sponsors? Check them out. Shop Featherlight for your bling, Strings Attached for a new two-piece, and Qamar Wa Shams for some ambiance. Check out Amina’s (your skin will thank you), Lily’s Chic for your next keffiyeh, and Athletique for some gym wear. Let Sufra Setters inspire your next event, dine at one of Romero Group’s delicious restaurants, and get pampered at Spa Amber. Turn to Ayva for beautiful ceramics, grab delicious treats from The Cakery, and customize your tarts with Loves to Bake. Please join us in supporting these incredible local businesses when you have the opportunity.

Sheren Hong

Media Relations Intern