A Message from Our Executive Director

Dear CRP supporters,

A big hello to you!

I’m writing with heartfelt and warm thoughts that I’m sending your way in a time that seems challenging everywhere I turn. I hope you’re managing ok and continuing to keep the faith that we’ll get through the difficult hand we’ve all been dealt this year. Every day I think about how CRP’s broad international community is connected by our common goodwill and deep engagement in helping and supporting those who need it, and I often return to that thought when I worry about what’s coming next. And, you know what? I know deep down that despite our present uncertainty that CRP as an organization is going to emerge stronger than ever.

It’s been a long summer, but CRP’s work is running on all cylinders, and I want to give you a quick update of how we’ve been faring in Amman:

  • Until the end of August, we provided on average 900 families monthly with emergency basic needs as part of our COVID-19 rapid response; with that extra funding now spent, we have drastically had to decrease the number of families we’re able to help and will aid around 350 families in October. We anticipate further decreases after October.
  • We opened our Hashemi Center for 2 weeks in late August, and our community was thrilled to finally get to meet in person; a drastic uptick in COVID-19 cases in our area necessitated that we shut down temporarily.
  • We’ve been re-vamping online activities and adding new ones based on participant feedback, and we currently have 36 online activities running. We hope to have our centers back open again soon, but we’re also ready to add another 6 online courses, if needed, in the coming few weeks. With many families unable to afford internet costs, we are looking for ways to help with that if online classes are to continue for a while.

The most daunting new reality for CRP is that we have not been meeting our income targets the past few months. A number of monthly donors have had to suspend their monthly giving due to the impact the pandemic has had on their personal finances. COVID-19 will likely affect CRP’s finances for months to come, and it’s my goal to ensure we have a minimum steady stream of income to keep our core programs running and avoid any staff layoffs through the pandemic.

However, we cannot afford the luxury of negative thinking. We will continue to do this very important work together, will support one another as we get through this, and our Board and staff will continue to take the time to think creatively and ask big questions like, “How can CRP better drive resilience and maneuver in these current circumstances so that we all come out stronger?”

None of us knows what the future holds, but I am 100% sure CRP is becoming more resilient and will emerge stronger. Our work together is more important than ever – and we have all hands on deck. Thank you for being right there with us.

In gratitude,


Amanda Lane
CRP Executive Director

P.S. If you’re able to give, we promise your gift will get to where it’s needed most. You can donate here or – even more needed right now!– sign up to give monthly. If you are already a monthly Partner in Repair, you can reach out here to increase your monthly giving. Thank you!!