This summer, here at CRP, we welcomed kids from our communities in Hashemi and Downtown for our Unforgettable Summer Camp.

Now that the kids are back at school we thought we’d let you know how it all went.

Camp was in such high demand that we didn’t have space for them all at once, so we split into two sessions–one in July and one in August–-and welcomed 630 kids in total!

Our aim was to create a safe space for kids to go during their summer break–a space where they could learn, grow, and make new friends.

And our summer camp did all that—and more!

We provided activities that kids really love, and asked for specifically, like: Taekwondo for girls, chess club, embroidery, Zumba, Dabke (Arabic folk dance), upcycling, and more.

We also hosted tutoring sessions in core subjects such as Arabic, English, IT, and Science–-to help our kids get prepared for the start of the new school year.

We found that the combination of academic support and recreational activities–where kids can learn as well as having fun and release stress–had a very positive impact on their mental health and educational success.

Another major focus of camp was to promote social and cultural diversity and inclusion. Attending the summer camp were kids from many different countries–including Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, and Eritrea. This meant that the kids at our camp had the opportunity to make friends with kids of other nationalities, an opportunity that can be hard to come by.

This summer camp was only made possible thanks to your generous support during our Spring Campaign, so we really can’t thank you enough!

Communications and Donor Relations Assistant