Advocacy Project

The Advocacy Project (Or AP) is a nonprofit that partners with various organizations worldwide in order to advocate for and aid marginalized and often oppressed communities. AP works with community-based organizations to create lasting aid programs. Collateral Repair Project partnered with The Advocacy Project to create Advocacy Quilts through the Hope Workshop.

Advocacy Quilts are an AP initiative that began in Bosnia in 2006 after the Srebenica Massacre and was a way for women to make money, share their stories, and express their feelings in a therapeutic manner. Goals of Advocacy Quilts are to preserve culture, develop new skills, and provide an outlet of expression. The women involved are encouraged to sell their handiwork and develop financial independence.

The Advocacy Project commissions squares from Hope Workshop each year that get sent back to the United States to be sewn into a large quilt that tours and is then sold. Women are trained in techniques and design their own squares. The work is a way for their voices to be heard and a way to express their emotions.


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