After-School Club

After School Program

The After-School Club is a safe space where children play, study, and socialize with each other. Our volunteers work hard to provide the group with a fun learning environment that will help kids build confidence and a sense of community. Participants gain valuable learning skills and benefit from a regular scheduled event they can look forward to as they adapt to life in Amman.

In order to ensure the success of children in our community, CRP established the After-School Club to reach the youngest and most vulnerable among our beneficiaries. All refugee children who are attending CRP’s after-school activities have experienced some type of trauma in their recent past. Therefore, the provision of a systematic program for recovery and social cohesion along with promotion of foundational education skills is imperative. CRP has identified four core areas that are promoted through age-appropriate, purposeful activities specifically designed for our after-school program. Each age group attends twice a week for two hours in the afternoon to learn these four core areas: numeracy, literacy, interpersonal and conflict-resolution skills, and healing and wellness.

CRP realizes we cannot afford to have a lost generation of children due to war and conflict. It is our hope that through this alternative form of education we will be able to continually support urban refugee children in East Amman so the conflict and trauma they have fled at such a young age will not ruin their educational opportunities or personal development for the future.