A Simple Way You Can Help CRP That Only Takes 2 Seconds: Amazon Smile

Getting ready to do some holiday shopping? For many, Amazon.com is a quick and convenient way to do so. Amazon’s new program, Amazon Smile, gives .5% of your total purchase price to the non-profit of your choice. It may not be huge, but it certainly adds up!

All you have to do is enter Amazon through http://smile.amazon.com/. Choose Collateral Repair Project as your charity of choice, and any subsequent purchases on Amazon Smile give .5% to assisting refugees in Amman. Just remember that every time you shop at Amazon, you must enter through http://smile.amazon.com/. CRP will appear as your charity of choice and you can shop immediately.

Most importantly, please let everyone you know hear about how they can easily help CRP! University students, for example, now purchase nearly all their textbooks from Amazon each term. That’s a percentage of hundreds of dollars that only takes one click to access.

And the best thing is it’s free and quick.