When it comes to migration, there are many policies that need to be changed. In Jordan, most refugees are heavily restricted from accessing the labor market, and refugees from many African countries are unable to access proper legal protection.

But these problems are not easy to fix and refugee communities don’t have the luxury of waiting. In the face of slow political change, what can we do?

At CRP, this is why we focus heavily on community empowerment with programs that equip people to be their own advocates. Think of training for community members to learn about, and combat, gender-based violenceLivelihood programs that give community members new employable skills. Sharing circles that help men discuss their problems and develop emotional intelligence.

There are many ways for a community to feel empowered. That’s why in Episode 7 of the Collateral Repair Podcast, we focus on an inventive English language program run by CRP partner organization, Sawiyan. With a primary focus on people from Jordan’s Black refugee communities, this program integrates principles of anti-racism and critical theory into language education. Students don’t just become better English speakers, they also learn how to understand and challenge the systems of oppression around them.

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And, sadly, this is a sign-off from me. It’s been a pleasure hosting the Collateral Repair Podcast reboot. I hope you have learned something, and I hope you’ve also seen that, while there are many policies related to migration that are unjust or disheartening, there are just as many people fighting to implement innovative solutions that will one day fix this broken system.

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