Artwork to support CRP

In 2014 we asked Jordanian artist Samer Kurdi to create several prints inspired by Amman, that we could use as gifts to donors and supporters of CRP.  Four images were created in total, which you can see below. These are original prints signed by the artist in limited editions of 100 each.


1. Al-Husseini Mosque and Cityscape

This is the original mosque in downtown Amman, a beautiful centerpiece of the old city.

Al Husseini Mosque and Cityscape

  • Size (printed area): 50 x 80 cm | 19.7′ x 31.5′
  • Size (including white margin): 58 x 86 cm | 22.83′ x 33.86′
  • Suggested donation: JD 150, or USD 210.


2. Weibeh from the Amman Citadel

A print that manages to capture something about the ‘spirit’ of Amman, and the way it’s stone houses and buildings cluster together across it’s many hills.

Weibeh from the Amman Citadel

  • Size (printed area): 63.75 x 102 cm | 25.1′ x 40.16′
  • Size (including white margin): 73.75 x 110 cm | 29′ x 43.3′
  • Suggested donation: JD 180, or USD 250.


3. Temple of Hercules – Amman Citadel

A print that depicts the remains of the Temple of Hercules on the Amman citadel.

Temple of Hercules - Amman Citadel

  • Size (printed area): 31.25 x 50  cm | 12.3 x 19.7′
  • Size (including white margin): 40.25 x 58 cm | 15.85′ x 22.8′
  • Suggested donation: JD 70, or USD 100.


4. Al Husseini Mosque Facade

A close-up on the main facade of the Al-Husseini mosque mentioned above.

Al Husseini Mosque Facade

  • Size (printed area): 28.125 x 50 cm | 11.07′ x ‘ 19.7’
  • Size (including white margin): 37.125 x 58 cm | 14.6′ x 22.8′
  • Suggested donation: JD 70, or USD 100.


If you are interested in obtaining any of these prints, please contact us via our contact page. Please let us know which print(s) you are interested in. Keep in mind that depending on where you are located, a packing and shipping cost will be added for each print.

If you are located inside of Jordan we are able to provide a framing service as well for a very affordable price.