At CRP, Professional Development Doesn’t Stop During COVID-19

Over 3,800 applications, 154 humanitarian professionals, and 48 countries: this is the scope of work of National NGO Program on Humanitarian Leadership (NNPHL), a consortium consisting of Concern Worldwide, The Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, and International Medical Corps, funded by the US Agency for International Development Office of the US Foreign Disaster Assistance. We are proud to announce that Karam Hayef, CRP’s own Youth Education Programs Director, is participating in NNPHL.7 Leadership Training Program, Middle East.

NNPHL describes its prestigious leadership training course as an innovative training and professional development initiative for humanitarian professionals, combining a rigorous curriculum of in-person leadership training, online learning and coaching.  By the end of this learning process, NNPHL participants will have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to take on leadership responsibilities within a variety of humanitarian organizations.”

This is exactly why Karam has applied to this program, as she herself explains: “I applied to develop my leadership skills and knowledge, especially in these uncertain times. I wanted to navigate different leadership approaches. I wanted to learn tools to help me work more efficiently in the humanitarian field which will reflect positively on how I will deliver assistance to those in need.”

To say that NNPHL did not disappoint would be an understatement. 

“The training increased my self-awareness of how I lead my team. It gave me tools and strategies to deal with uncertainty, and how to stay more focused on tasks. I learned how to motivate the team and take them out of their comfort zone, which helps them as well as the organization to grow and thrive. I also got a better understanding of how important trauma-informed care and resilience are in our work,  to avoid burn out when one works in the humanitarian complex setting,” Karam says.

When asked to summarize this training in just three words, Karam chooses ‘insightful’, ‘eye-opening’, and ‘creative’. 

She adds, “I would strongly encourage professionals and workers in the humanitarian field to apply to this program. It combines discussions, case studies, reading resources, online and in-person training. The instructors are knowledgeable and friendly. There is a team of experts that support the learning process along the way. Thank you, the NNPHL team, for this unique opportunity.”

Karam Hayef (second from the left) at CRP

Justina Poskeviciute, Marketing and Communications team