Become a Partner in Repair

Our ‘Partners in Repair’ program provides a predictable source of income we can count on each month. This allows us to plan ahead and quickly respond to the needs of our growing community.

Or make a monthly donation in Canadian dollars (CAD $), British pounds (GBP £), or Euros (EUR €)

Here is how your monthly contribution can make a real difference for our community:

  • $7 feeds one person for a week
  • $14 buys school supplies for a child
  • $20 buys a mattress for one person
  • $28 feeds one person for a month
  • $56 feeds a family of five for a month

For information about changing your monthly subscription, please click here.

Benefits of Monthly Giving:

The Partners in Repair Program benefits both the families we serve and our supporters.

Advantages of monthly giving for Collateral Repair Project:

  • A steady and predictable source of program funds
  • Income that will provide weeks, months, and years of protection to families in urgent need of emergency assistance

Advantages of monthly giving for our supporters:

  • Monthly contributions ensure sustainable support for impoverished families
  • You can spread your support over the course of the year, rather than making one larger donation
  • You can increase, decrease, or cancel your pledge whenever you wish
  • One annual statement to assist in tax preparation