Basic-Needs Assistance

“Every once in a while, our neighbors offer us a little food, but it’s so embarrassing for me when I take it.” — Umm Khaled, beneficiary at Collateral Repair Project

It is hard to sleep with an empty stomach, difficult to make friends when you know each night brings the cold. Collateral Repair Project knows that the first step in building a good life is to fulfill your basic needs. For this reason, our Emergency-Assistance Program provides necessities to refugee families in our community.

The bulk of our Emergency-Assistance Program goes towards our monthly food-voucher distribution. After assessing the needs of refugees who sign up, Collateral Repair Project conducts home visits and chooses the families who need the most help. These families receive monthly food vouchers, with the amount scaled to the size of the family.

By providing food vouchers, Collateral Repair Project gives refugees some independence and a feeling of control, as they can choose their own groceries. Going grocery shopping gives families a sense of stability and routine as well. Families who receive food vouchers say that they feel more dignity, as they won’t have to resort to begging in order to eat.

As well as the monthly food vouchers, Collateral Repair Project also gives out extra food vouchers. The list of beneficiaries receiving these vouchers changes every month, with each family receiving one every four to six months. These are families who need help but may not be eligible for the monthly vouchers. There are also one-time, emergency vouchers.

CRP’s Emergency-Assistance Program isn’t limited to food. It also includes seasonal assistance. During winter months, the temperature drops severely and nights grow long. Collateral Repair Project distributes winter clothes, blankets, heaters, and heating fuel. In the summer, Collateral Repair Project distributes electric fans to stave off the heat.

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