Hope Workshop – Meet a Member: Ikhlas

Over the summer, we collaborated with the Advocacy Project to have the women create beautiful embroidered squares that depict their lives, which were then put together to produce quilts for sale and exhibition in the United States. 

Girl Scouts at CRP

We have just started two brand new Girl Scouts troops for our refugee community in partnership with Weekday Rx. There are two troops, one for girls ages 9 -10 and a second for girls ages 11-13.

Lego Camp!

For the past two weeks, CRP has been hosting a Lego camp for 7-9 year olds and 10-12 year olds. For most of the children, this was their first exposure to Legos.

First Round of GBV Training Concludes

This May, we concluded the first round of training for CRP’s Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Human Rights Awareness project funded by The Embassy of the Netherlands, Jordan.

A Look Back at CRP’s Yoga Program

“We’ve found people so receptive to yoga. Right from the start, people would turn up, and interestingly for me, the men’s classes are more attended than the women’s."

Men’s Group: Like Family in a Strange, New Place

CRP’s Men’s Group resembles any other ordinary counseling session you might come across in the U.S. However, what isn’t ordinary, are the stories these men come to get off their chest.

CRP’s Leaders Fight Gender-Based Violence

We first developed our GBV course after hearing that many men in the community felt depressed or angry due to their inability to legally work in Jordan and unstable financial situation. This was leading to more fighting at home.

What Staff are Doing Over Eid Break

Eid al-Adha marks the beginning of the new year and is the most important holiday in Islam. During the holiday, CRP will be closed. This gives our Muslim staff members time to observe the holiday, and everyone (regardless of religion) gets a much-needed rest!

How the Resettlement Process Affects Applicants

For most of our beneficiaries, settling down in Jordan isn’t an option. Unable to acquire a work permit that could build careers limits their ability to build a stable life. Going through the resettlement process,...

Learning to Seize The Moment – Nawal

Meet Nawal.  Nawal joined Hope Workshop over 3 years ago. She has grown along with the workshop. “It taught me how to feel powerful, how to talk to people and grow my social skills. I’ve learnt...