Hope Workshop – Meet a Member: Ikhlas

Over the summer, we collaborated with the Advocacy Project to have the women create beautiful embroidered squares that depict their lives, which were then put together to produce quilts for sale and exhibition in the United States. 

American Community School Holds Rice Bucket Challenge for CRP

In our own version of the ALS Association’s ice bucket challenge, CRP has partnered with the American Community School of Amman (ACS) to put on a rice bucket challenge.

Language to Leadership: Summer Programs at CRP

During Ramadan, many community center programs at CRP were paused. However, as we move into August, summer programs at CRP are back in full swing!

Summer Activities Underway at CRP

At CRP we are keeping busy during the summer with our usual distributions, particularly needed during the month of Ramadan, as well as staff trainings and renovations here at our community center.

Be a Hero: Munah’s Story

Munah is one of the many everyday heroes in our community, who impresses us everyday with her commitment to the community, her family, and to her own personal growth and development.

The Long, Arduous Process of a Refugee Resettlement Application

Adnan is one thousands of refugees in Amman who are patiently waiting to find out whether his UNHCR refugee application will be accepted. If so, he will hopefully be able to travel to the United States.

PopSockets Partners with CRP!

CRP has partnered with PopSockets to design an exclusive grip. Half of the proceeds from these PopSockets will be go straight to our food-voucher program.

What’s the Tawjihi?

For the past month, it has been nearly impossible to get a seat at the Shoman Library in downtown Amman. The library’s usual population of book browsers have been replaced by teens bent over textbooks,...

SuperGirls’ Battle with Trauma

Our daily program teaches young refugee girls how to cope with the effects of trauma thanks to support from FAWCO and their educational experts. Read about how these girls made a huge comeback over the course of the Supergirls program!

A Safe Space

“Before coming to CRP, I had never met people from different nationalities. I had never met refugees! My favorite memory from CRP is my first day here, when I first encountered beneficiaries from Iraq and...