Hope Workshop – Meet a Member: Ikhlas

Over the summer, we collaborated with the Advocacy Project to have the women create beautiful embroidered squares that depict their lives, which were then put together to produce quilts for sale and exhibition in the United States. 

Make a Home Campaign

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Winter Activities Have Begun!

We are excited to announce the beginning of our winter session! With a new, larger community center, the already existing daily programs have been able to expand.

16 Days of Activism Launches

This campaign aims to galvanize support for eradicating gender-based violence in Amman, by not only focusing on remedial strategies but, more importantly, preventative measures.

Celebrating Together at American Community School

Yesterday, 17 members of our teen group at the Collateral Repair Project were invited to the Annual Thanksgiving Potluck at the American Community School (ACS)!

Ramadan Recap

Although we shortened our hours (to 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sunday-Thursday) through Ramadan, we packed our days with activities at CRP.

Two Men, Two Religions, Two Nationalities, One Community

In CRP’s community center, things like religion, political ideologies, and nationalities are left at the door. And a community is being built by those without one.

Rotary Provides Place for Teens to Gather

Every Saturday, teens gather at CRP to listen to speakers, partake in activities, and sometimes just to hang out. The meetings, sponsored by Rotary International, are designed to encourage creativity and foster friendships.

“Life on Pause” – How Kareem finds purpose while waiting for resettlement

The first thing that sticks out about Kareem is his accent. When meeting the 20-year old at CRP, one is immediately struck by his good English. Where did the Iraqi, who arrived in Jordan three...

Lamia’s Story: Healing by Helping

To help others is significant, and important for Collateral Repair Project. To help urban refugees and needy Jordanians to heal, grow and rebuild their lives is our philosophy as an organization. Five years ago, Lamia,...