Helping Refugees in Jordan Gives School Supplies and Bags

Education should not be a luxury for the privileged; it is the right of every child. When such a critical right is threatened, every dollar counts.

The Bedrock of CRP’s Work

We often highlight our psychosocial support programming. But the Emergency Assistance Program remains the bedrock of CRP’s work, since it’s impossible to fully engage in CRP’s programs if your basic needs are not being met.

Staying Warm with Fuel Voucher Distributions

In January, usually the coldest month, the temperature at night often drops below freezing. Many buildings and homes are poorly insulated and lack central heating systems, and families rely on space heaters to stay warm.

New Skills & Friendships at CRP’s Barbershop

Three years ago, CRP began offering professional crash courses in the barber trade. Because refugees are largely not allowed to work in Jordan, learning skills that they can barter or use in informal employment settings is important.

New Year, New You: Men’s Exercise Class Begins

The first weeks of January marked the kick off of Keystone—a men’s exercise class that has taken the CRP center by storm.

Fall Interns Arrive at CRP

Collateral Repair Project accepts interns from every background, and walk of life. Interns support the organization in everything we do, from providing classes, to collecting data, and running our social media pages.

Teaching English at CRP

"Teaching Syrian and Iraqi refugees, my students, was a humbling and incredibly transformative experience. My students were mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters, with beautiful ideas and dreams."

Inshallah: A Final Dispatch

"Inshallah. Probably the singular Arabic word I hear most on a daily basis. Meaning literally, 'if God wills it,' the word serves as both a filler and as a daily reminder of things that are out of our control."

Painting the Mural!

CRP’s community center is now more special and unique with the completion of the mural project in the yard area.

Strengthening Ties in the Host Community

Hashemi Shamali, the neighborhood where CRP operates, is a diverse one. At CRP, Syrians, Iraqis, Jordanians, and others get the chance to meet, make friends, and build community.