A Harrowing Journey from Iraq to Jordan

Today we visited a refugee family who knocked on CRP's door asking for help. This family's story is truly heartbreaking.

Empowering Female Leaders

At the end of Ramadan, our Empowering Female Leaders program started up again in full force. The programming focuses on health and wellness, psychosocial support, and leadership skills for women in our community.

The Refugee Crisis: From Jordan to Europe

At CRP we work every day to tell the stories of the urban refugees we serve. This is our perspective on the refugee crisis in Jordan and how this is directly related to the issues currently affecting Europe.

The Only Place to Meet

Refugees in Amman are often living isolated in their own national and sectarian communities. CRP provides a place where they come together and learn from each other.

The Garden!

CRP has begun to convert our yard area into what will soon become a community garden project! Earlier this week a group of community members spent a day cleaning and preparing the area.

Coping with Traumatic Experiences Through Mind-Body Medicine

CRP’s class on the mind and body has been a success, giving refugees a base upon which they can talk and heal from their traumas. Calming their mind, relaxing their body, the class had been an important asset for its members.

Staff Training!

Just like team-building and staff-training sessions you might find in any office in America, our recent Arabic-language-staff training started with an ice breaker: two truths and a lie.

Strengthening Ties in the Host Community

Hashemi Shamali, the neighborhood where CRP operates, is a diverse one. At CRP, Syrians, Iraqis, Jordanians, and others get the chance to meet, make friends, and build community.

Two Men, Two Religions, Two Nationalities, One Community

In CRP’s community center, things like religion, political ideologies, and nationalities are left at the door. And a community is being built by those without one.

Teens Go Old School with Film Photography

“I love taking pictures, usually I use my phone but this is so different and much more fun because there are so many options and so many different things to think about while taking pictures,”...