New Skillset Leads to New Sense of Purpose

Essam and and his son Maher fled Syria to Jordan and are learning to cut hair at CRP's Barbershop program. Designed to increase refugees' livelihood, the program also gives people back a sense of purpose. . .

Computer Skills for the Future

One of CRP’s many successful programs is our computer skills training course, which is taught and organized by volunteers from our community. We have thirty students in beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes.

Ruba’s New World of Color

Ruba tells us how excited she is each Saturday afternoon to head to Women's Art Club at CRP and express her creativity through painting.

Trying to Stay Warm During Amman’s Cold Winters

Some of the most important donations Collateral Repair Project offers are the annual heaters and kerosene for the winter. For many beneficiaries at CRP, the insulation in their apartments isn’t sufficient to keep them warm.

Winter English Classes Begin at Community and Family Resource Center

On Monday, we started up our winter English class session. Volunteers Julia and Abu Abdullrahman had two full classes of beginner level students.

From Darfur to Amman

What is a refugee? A refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. Kamal used to be a peaceful Shepard in Darfur, Sudan....

A New Life in Jordan

Since opening our Downtown centre, we have been serving communities in Amman's city centre, including Sudanese, Somalian and Yemeni refugees as well as Jordanians. We hope our community centre can promote understanding and tolerance between...

Facing Winter as a Refugee in Amman

Most people think of Jordan as a warm, parched, desert landscape. But, during the winter, heavy rains trail freezing temperatures, and stone buildings provide little in the way of insulation.

Meet CRP’s New TEFL Coordinator!

CRP has a new TEFL coordinator. Yasmin, a former student and intern, took the helm this week! Read our Q & A to learn more about her path from student to leader. You started out as...

Our Computer Lab Is Up and Running!

Thanks to individual donors, as well as donations from CIEE and a grant from Rotary International, we have updated our computer lab with all-new equipment. Most of the refugees in our community do not have computers at home.