Music Fun at CRP!

Over the past few weeks CRP has been visited by group of musicians working in collaboration with B Major, a local music organization in Jordan.

The Power of Art

On Sunday, January 29, we held the first session of our new arts workshop, which aims to encourage emotional expression through creativity.

Skateboarding with a Purpose

On some weekends, CRP brings teenagers to Amman’s 7Hills skatepark. Everyone is welcome, from experienced skateboarders to complete beginners.

CRP Distributes Heaters and Fuel

This has been a very busy week for us! Thanks to you, our campaign to raise funds to keep people warm has received a lot of support from people all around the world.

How Computers Gave Haneen Her Confidence Back

Over the course of the computer class, Mr. Ivin’s patience, encouragement, and simple program illustrations have provided Haneen with new-found confidence.

Overcoming Adversity at CRP

Hadeel fled Iraq and came to Amman hoping that she would be able to reconstruct a life, but conditions remain difficult, and recovering from the trauma of displacement is a long, hard process.

Staff Training!

Just like team-building and staff-training sessions you might find in any office in America, our recent Arabic-language-staff training started with an ice breaker: two truths and a lie.

Winter Campaign Update—Thank You!

This past holiday season, Collateral Repair Project launched its annual winter campaign, which is the biggest fundraising event of the year. Each day in December, CRP focused on one individual from its community.

Emergency Assistance for New Families

Home visits are integral because they allow us to better understand the needs of our community and respond quickly. This week we visited Hashem, Lubna, and their six young children in their home.

CRP’s Women Leaders

Thanks to a grant from Dining for Women, we continue to offer four-week workshops throughout the year centered on women’s self-care, wellness, empowerment, and leadership.