Help a Child Attend School This Fall

The UN estimates that over half of Syrian refugee children are not enrolled in school. Thousands of Iraqi children also stay home every day.

Be a Hero: Munah’s Story

Munah is one of the many everyday heroes in our community, who impresses us everyday with her commitment to the community, her family, and to her own personal growth and development.

Meet CRP’s New TEFL Coordinator!

CRP has a new TEFL coordinator. Yasmin, a former student and intern, took the helm this week! Read our Q & A to learn more about her path from student to leader. You started out as...

CRP’s Volunteer-led Taekwondo Classes are Kicking Down Barriers to Social Cohesion

In the words of former UN Secretary Gender Kofi Annan, ‘ values are universal. It is a global language, capable of bridging social, cultural, and religious divides.’ This belief, that sport contributes to personal development...

How Refugee Kids Prepare for Christmas

“What I like most about Christmas is going to Church,” says Jamal, who comes from Iraq and takes part in CRP’s After-School Club. “I always like going to Church because I like the singing, it’s...

A Morning with DukeImmerse

Hosting student groups provides CRP with an opportunity to share our organization, our work, and the reality of life for refugees in Jordan. On Thursday, CRP hosted students from DukeImmerse: De-Constructing/Re-Constructing the Refugee Experience.

CRP’s After-School Club, a Combination of Learning and Having Fun

The After-School Club program is one of the most popular programs at CRP. Kids ages 6-12 enjoy different activities after school, make friendships, and have fun in a safe and productive environment. Activities at ASC...

Volunteers Prepare for CRP’s Summer Camp

CRP’s Summer Camp, open to children ages 5 to 14, meets every weekday throughout the summer. It educates children, both refugees and Jordanians, on teamwork and cooperation, all in a fun, open setting.

Be a Hero: Emad’s Story

Emad, a Syrian refugee and one of our heroes here at CRP, searches every day for ways to challenge himself and strengthen community bonds.

Popular Daycare Center Allows Parents to Attend Classes

CRP has recently opened a daycare center for children between 9 months to 6 years old. It offers a wide range of services for children to play and learn, so that their parents can attend programs at our community center.