You Came Through for Us

Last month, we ran our spring fundraising campaign, Be A Hero, featuring the stories of the heroes we serve at CRP, to raise $25,000 and sign up 20 new monthly donors.

Three Reasons You Should Give to CRP

1. Because any amount you give, no matter how small, will make a difference. CRP serves the most destitute refugees, those who have no other recourse. A house visit by someone from our organization is seen...

Be a Hero: Emad’s Story

Emad, a Syrian refugee and one of our heroes here at CRP, searches every day for ways to challenge himself and strengthen community bonds.

American Community School Holds Rice Bucket Challenge for CRP

In our own version of the ALS Association’s ice bucket challenge, CRP has partnered with the American Community School of Amman (ACS) to put on a rice bucket challenge.

Sa’eed and Saleem, Community Builders at CRP

The barbershop serves as more than just a teaching tool. It’s also a place men of the community can gather to have conversations and bond.

Observing Ramadan in a New Community

For refugees living here in Amman, Ramadan celebrations will be less festive than in the past, because they are so far from their friends and family.

Hope Workshop’s Impact on the Local Community

One of CRP's core principles is to help anyone in need, regardless of nationality. Read on to learn how Hope Workshop has helped a Jordanian woman find a new hobby and a community of like-minded sisters. . .

Computer Skills for the Future

One of CRP’s many successful programs is our computer skills training course, which is taught and organized by volunteers from our community. We have thirty students in beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes.

Get Involved—Help Raise Money for Refugees!

There are so many easy things you can do big or small to do your part to help refugees. This link is a definitive guide for everything you need to get started—resources, materials, and ideas....

A Day in the Life of a Refugee

The lives of many of our community members have been radically changed since they were forced to leave their homes and countries, however many are managing to re-establish stability.