CRP Donor Urges Others to Show Compassion for Refugees: “They are our neighbors”

Every donor is very important to us. Your kindness and generosity means the world to us. We want to thank you for your constant support because we really wouldn’t be able to do what we...

Meet CRP’s New TEFL Coordinator!

CRP has a new TEFL coordinator. Yasmin, a former student and intern, took the helm this week! Read our Q & A to learn more about her path from student to leader. You started out as...

Winter English Classes Begin at Community and Family Resource Center

On Monday, we started up our winter English class session. Volunteers Julia and Abu Abdullrahman had two full classes of beginner level students.

International Pen Pals!

CRP has started a pen pal program between children in our community in East Amman and American students in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA).

CRP Grants Officer Reflects on Life at CRP

This has been a long and difficult summer since the coronavirus upended everything, not only for CRP but for everyone in Jordan and in the world. I have been with CRP for nearly two years...

Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) Now at CRP

In recent months, we have expanded our psychosocial programming to include Trauma Release Exercises — a gentle practice that consists of light tremors or shaking in the body that is done in a prone position.

Be a Hero: Nadia’s Story

Nadia, a Kurdish refugee from Iraq, is one of the countless heroes in our community. She believes it is important to attempt to improve not only your own life, but also the lives of those around you.

Monthly Food Voucher Program Helping More New Families

This past month, we added a number of families to our monthly food voucher program. One of those families is Wasfi and Hiba’s family of five.

Inshallah: A Final Dispatch

"Inshallah. Probably the singular Arabic word I hear most on a daily basis. Meaning literally, 'if God wills it,' the word serves as both a filler and as a daily reminder of things that are out of our control."

The Feedback from Parents

With the increasing number of kids’ programs we have at CRP, we decided that it is necessary to include parents in the educational process. For the past year, CRP has been holding monthly parents awareness sessions...