Winter Campaign Launch 2015

Every refugee has a story to tell, and through their stories, this holiday season we will reach out and connect them with our friends and family worldwide.

Human Rights and Gender-Based Violence Training Concludes

For two weeks at the end of November CRP held a training on the prevention of gender-based violence, targeting the men and boys in our community.

16 Days of Activism Launches

This campaign aims to galvanize support for eradicating gender-based violence in Amman, by not only focusing on remedial strategies but, more importantly, preventative measures.

Partner in Repair Profile: Paola Farran

"I first heard of CRP from a couple of friends who were volunteering there. I liked its mission and the echoes I heard of how it was involved with the refugee community, so I looked it up online."

The Refugee Crisis: From Jordan to Europe

At CRP we work every day to tell the stories of the urban refugees we serve. This is our perspective on the refugee crisis in Jordan and how this is directly related to the issues currently affecting Europe.

Jordanian Couple Holds Wedding Party for CRP Community

Instead of inviting only their family and friends to their wedding, the couple also threw a party for Syrian, Iraqi, and other refugees living in Amman.

Eid al-Adha Food Distributions

Eid al-Adha is a holiday celebrating  the end of Hajj, where Muslims complete one of the Five Pillars of Islam by traveling to Mecca and following in the steps of the Prophet Mohammed.

Fall Activities Commence

Back to school week has started and with it comes the energy of new beginnings. We’ve had a busy first few weeks of school here in Hashemi Shemali. Here are some of our weekly programs for fall.

Summer ESL Classes

At the beginning of August, CRP started back up its own ESL classes for adults in the community. Two levels were offered, one for beginners and one for moderate to advanced learners.

Drastic Food Aid Cuts

The first week of September has been one of new hardships and continuing misery for many Syrian refugees who reside in Jordan — one-third of all Syrian refugees in the Middle Eastern region lost their food aid.