CRP Welcomes New Summer Interns

Interns play a big role at CRP. Among many things, they help us run our social media pages, apply for grants, maintain our website, and coordinate programs. This summer, we’ve welcomed multiple new interns, and they’ve already done some great work!

Zumba Class Provides Cardio and Community

CRP offers Zumba as an exercise class for women who are looking to maintain their physical health or let off steam. Drawing from the rhythms of salsa, hip hop, ballroom, and other dance styles and techniques, Zumba is part cardio workout and part creative expression.

Summer English Classes Begin!

Like many refugees, Noor hopes to improve her English skills. CRP’s English Classes, one of our most popular programs, give refugees that opportunity.

Keystone: Nurturing the Wellbeing of Refugee Men

Keystone’s atmosphere is cheerful and fulfilling, raising the men’s self-esteem and also expanding their awareness about many topics—which helps them acclimate to the difficult nature of being a refugee.

Teens Gender-Based Violence Group Offers Supportive Environment

By offering GBV groups specifically for men and teenage boys, CRP works to prevent further instances of gender-based violence towards women through community building and education.

Volunteers Prepare for CRP’s Summer Camp

CRP’s Summer Camp, open to children ages 5 to 14, meets every weekday throughout the summer. It educates children, both refugees and Jordanians, on teamwork and cooperation, all in a fun, open setting.

Meet Assem: Sudanese Refugee and Volunteer

Assem is a Sudanese refugee and a volunteer staff member at CRP. His story of perseverance and courage is a remarkable one, but not an unusual one for a Sudanese refugee in Amman.

Skateboarding with a Purpose

On some weekends, CRP brings teenagers to Amman’s 7Hills skatepark. Everyone is welcome, from experienced skateboarders to complete beginners.

Popular Daycare Center Allows Parents to Attend Classes

CRP has recently opened a daycare center for children between 9 months to 6 years old. It offers a wide range of services for children to play and learn, so that their parents can attend programs at our community center.

How Refugees Prepare to Celebrate Eid

Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan and the beginning of Shawal, the tenth month of the Islamic calendar. This year, Eid al-Fitr in Jordan will last from Wednesday, June 13, to Saturday, June 16.