Hope Workshop’s Impact on the Local Community

One of CRP's core principles is to help anyone in need, regardless of nationality. Read on to learn how Hope Workshop has helped a Jordanian woman find a new hobby and a community of like-minded sisters. . .

Healing Trauma with Yoga

Thanks to the Mandala Project, our beneficiaries have been using yoga to strengthen their body and mind and finding ways to cope with their PTSD for years. The program is very popular, and some of...

Bye Bev!

Beverly Heimann’s going away party is almost too big for the spacious room where Hope Workshop is held. Over her two years as a volunteer with CRP, her love and drive have had a permanent...

From Darfur to Amman

What is a refugee? A refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. Kamal used to be a peaceful Shepard in Darfur, Sudan....

Hussam and Maher: Friends Without Borders

Read how this friendship grew despite ethnic differences and why CRP has grown its diversity and representation of refugees in Amman.

ELearning Improves Refugees’ English

When Haifaa started talking to volunteer Susan over Skype a year ago, she was shy and barely managed to form a correct sentence. A year later, she is an advanced speaker and writer of English and thinks about studying at university. Read on to find out more about the eLearning program and how you can sign up to help people like Haifaa!

SuperGirls’ Battle with Trauma

Our daily program teaches young refugee girls how to cope with the effects of trauma thanks to support from FAWCO and their educational experts. Read about how these girls made a huge comeback over the course of the Supergirls program!

Learning and Thriving at Daycare!

Educational programs at CRP's Daycare help refugee children learn important skills for their future and introduce healthy living habits for their daily well-being.

How the Resettlement Process Affects Applicants

For most of our beneficiaries, settling down in Jordan isn’t an option. Unable to acquire a work permit that could build careers limits their ability to build a stable life. Going through the resettlement process,...

Thanks for Everything, Brad!

Brad first started as a volunteer at CRP in the Spring of 2017. He jumped in and started working on grants and helping to streamline internal processes. It’s not usual for CRP to be able...