How the Resettlement Process Affects Applicants

For most of our beneficiaries, settling down in Jordan isn’t an option. Unable to acquire a work permit that could build careers limits their ability to build a stable life. Going through the resettlement process,...

The Benefits of Yoga for the CRP Community

CRP's yoga program strives to address the psychosocial issues of refugees and provide them with a tight-knit and welcoming community.

A Day in the Life

Abu Qais is a longtime volunteer at CRP. Abu Qais worked as a lawyer in Syria until 2013, when his ten-year-old daughter, Munah, was badly injured in an attack on their home.

16 Days of Activism Launches

This campaign aims to galvanize support for eradicating gender-based violence in Amman, by not only focusing on remedial strategies but, more importantly, preventative measures.

Empowering the Whole Community to Fight Gender-Based Violence

While gender-based violence is so often swept under the carpet, its survivors shamed and stigmatized, its importance dismissed as ‘merely’ a ‘women’s issue,’ it is being put center stage in CRP.

Aseel and Hesham in America!

A few months ago, CRP nominated two of CRP’s Syrian staff members, Aseel and Hesham, to attend a three-week leadership exchange program in the United States. Eventually they got the word that they’d both been accepted into the program!

Canary Islands, Salt Sores, Knee Injury, and What It Has to Do With CRP

This story has an incredible opening line: Did you know that more people have climbed Mount Everest than rowed across the Atlantic Ocean? Even more importantly, this story has one incredible man at the center of it:...

International Pen Pals!

CRP has started a pen pal program between children in our community in East Amman and American students in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA).

How to Help Refugees in Jordan

The vast majority of refugees in Jordan live in urban areas, like Amman. Unfortunately, most international aid goes towards camps. Urban refugees desperately need help.

Securing Social Inclusion and Urban Development Around Amman

If you have followed our social media platforms in the past months, you can’t have missed updates about the #enhancingselfreliance project funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in Jordan (AICS AMMAN) and implemented...