What Is Muraja’at?

“I come here every once in a while to update CRP about my situation to see how they could help me,” says Sana'. She comes to update her situation at Muraja'at roughly every...

Meet Eliza and Jessie, Our New MENAR Fellows

In the past, CRP has brought on a new MENAR fellow every year. These are recent graduates who show above-and-beyond initiative. CRP relies on these fellows for a variety of tasks. As CRP has grown,...

I Read Arabic at CRP

Our newest addition to the educational programs at CRP is the I Read Arabic program. The program is based on the mobile application I Read Arabic. At CRP, there are many kids who lack literacy and numeracy...

New Activities at After-School Club

As the new school year kicked off this month, CRP also started a new semester for our very popular After-School Club (ASC). At ASC, kids experience a variety of activities ranging from physical to educational...

How We’aam Smuggled Herself out of Syria

We’aam’s journey from Syria to Amman is turbulent, but it is not unusual for someone fleeing the chaos of the Syrian civil war.

Ensuring Nutrition with Healthy Snacks

At CRP, we make sure to provide nutritious food to every child in our programs. Parents are thrilled when they see their kids eating healthily, because it’s an even bigger challenge for them at home.

Introducing our new Women’s Space

Hope Workshop is one of our most popular programs. It gives refugee women the chance to learn skills, support their families, and meet other women in a safe environment. The women in Hope Workshop make...

What’s the Tawjihi?

For the past month, it has been nearly impossible to get a seat at the Shoman Library in downtown Amman. The library’s usual population of book browsers have been replaced by teens bent over textbooks,...

What Staff are Doing Over Eid Break

Eid al-Adha marks the beginning of the new year and is the most important holiday in Islam. During the holiday, CRP will be closed. This gives our Muslim staff members time to observe the holiday, and everyone (regardless of religion) gets a much-needed rest!

Aseel and Hesham in America!

A few months ago, CRP nominated two of CRP’s Syrian staff members, Aseel and Hesham, to attend a three-week leadership exchange program in the United States. Eventually they got the word that they’d both been accepted into the program!