A Morning with DukeImmerse

Hosting student groups provides CRP with an opportunity to share our organization, our work, and the reality of life for refugees in Jordan. On Thursday, CRP hosted students from DukeImmerse: De-Constructing/Re-Constructing the Refugee Experience.

Skateboarding Helps Refugee Teens Fight Boredom and Build Friendships

The bus leaving from CRP’s main building had barely pulled off before the driver turned on the music, and what seemed like a quiet bus ride erupted into rhythmic claps and singing. The teenagers are excited.

How Refugees Prepare to Celebrate Eid

Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan and the beginning of Shawal, the tenth month of the Islamic calendar. This year, Eid al-Fitr in Jordan will last from Wednesday, June 13, to Saturday, June 16.

Celebrating Women in our Community

International Women’s Day is March 8th! IWD is a day set apart to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide and call for further change.

Raa’d’s Story: From Gamer to Teacher

Raa’d is an English teacher at CRP. He originally started as a student in the English program's advanced level. His English improved to the point of being able to teach the beginner level. Raa’d fled...

The Power of Art

On Sunday, January 29, we held the first session of our new arts workshop, which aims to encourage emotional expression through creativity.

Refugees Share How CRP’s Food Vouchers Help Their Families

Dinner should be a relaxing time for families; a chance to talk and connect while enjoying a good meal together at the end of the day. But for all too many refugees, it’s only a source...

From Hurt to Hopeful: Stories of Refugees Whose Lives are Transforming at CRP

Today we are launching our ‪From Hurt to Hope Spring fundraising drive. Throughout these next few weeks, we will be showcasing stories from our community of urban refugees in East Amman.

How to Help Refugees in Jordan

The vast majority of refugees in Jordan live in urban areas, like Amman. Unfortunately, most international aid goes towards camps. Urban refugees desperately need help.

CRP’s Sudanese Expansion

Currently, CRP distributes food vouchers to the Sudanese community. However, the neighborhood is already highly underserved by aid organizations and CRP’s funding is limited.