Summer Food Drive—Help us collect food to help refugees this summer!

Ramadan is a time of community and coming together, and we want to make sure all of the families we serve have adequate provisions this summer.

Community Dinner!

Last week CRP families got together at the community center for a community dinner. Many of the families that CRP works with, including Syrians, Iraqis, and Jordanians came together to eat and socialize.

Dental Hygiene Education and Distribution

At a recent kids activity, in addition to the normal games and arts and crafts we were able to have an educational session about teeth care.

The Garden!

CRP has begun to convert our yard area into what will soon become a community garden project! Earlier this week a group of community members spent a day cleaning and preparing the area.

CRP’s New Art Program

CRP is currently in the process of implementing a new supportive arts program for adults, teens, and children of all ages. With the help of Cheryl, a volunteer art therapist, and her team, we are...

Supporting a Young Artist

There are unique talents in everybody, and every so often we get the chance to help foster this talent. Worood, whose name means 'roses' in Arabic, is a budding Iraqi artist.

Saturdays are Children’s Day at CRP

For 2 hours every Saturday, CRP transforms into a busy hub of well organized chaos.  Children from Syria, Iraq, and Jordan come together for a variety of activities that have them singing, dancing, and smiling.

6 New Computers, a New TV and Much More for CRP

Thanks to a generous grant from the Advent Lutheran Fund, we have just finished installing six new computers and one large television in our Community and Family Resource Center.

Blanket, Clothing and Shoes Distribution

We gave out our final winter distribution today to Syrian, Iraqi and Jordanian families. This latest distribution included 65 blankets, 150 pairs of boots and shoes and 80 clothing packets for children.

CRP Hosts Community Dinner

We have decided to host a number of community dinners so people can get to know others in the community and learn about what CRP has to offer.