Preparing for a Harsh Amman Winter

Amman's very cold winters are always of great concern for CRP and the refugee community we serve. This time of year, we devote much of our time to ensuring families can survive the brutal cold.

Healing Mind, Body, and Soul

This past month, CRP hosted Bella Hancock, an experienced yoga instructor from Ireland, to help us set up an ongoing yoga program for adults and youth. During the entire month, Bella led intensive yoga workshops.

Heat and Fuel for a Cold Winter

Many of our families have heaters but are unable to purchase fuel to power them, so we have made it a priority to provide families with fuel vouchers in the coming months.

The Benefits of Yoga for the CRP Community

CRP's yoga program strives to address the psychosocial issues of refugees and provide them with a tight-knit and welcoming community.

Dining for Women to Support Women’s Wellness and Leadership

We are so excited to announce that we have received a grant from Dining for Women (DFW), a US-based, non-profit giving circle dedicated to empowering women and girls living in extreme poverty.

Breathe in, Breathe Out

This month, we are hosting an experienced yoga instructor who is leading intensive yoga workshops for men, women, teens, and children to address psychosocial issues and promote mindfulness and wellness.

Computer Skills for the Future

One of CRP’s many successful programs is our computer skills training course, which is taught and organized by volunteers from our community. We have thirty students in beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes.

Saturday Activities for Kids and Teens

This past Saturday, CRP hosted a fun program for young children and teenagers in our community. Six teens from our Teen Group led a group of 30 children in a variety of activities.

Food (In)security in Jordan

With the situation becoming more precarious by the day, families from Iraq and Syria are fleeing in droves to neighboring Jordan in search of safety and security.

A Harrowing Journey from Iraq to Jordan

Today we visited a refugee family who knocked on CRP's door asking for help. This family's story is truly heartbreaking.