Table to Table: Help Feed the Refugee Community

Ensuring that refugee families have enough food is becoming increasingly difficult. With your partnership in our Table to Table initiative, you can help families in our community put food on the table!

Partner in Repair Profile: Paola Farran

"I first heard of CRP from a couple of friends who were volunteering there. I liked its mission and the echoes I heard of how it was involved with the refugee community, so I looked it up online."

Ramadan at CRP

Friday, May 26 marked the first day of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar during which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset in order to mark the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad.

Ruba’s New World of Color

Ruba tells us how excited she is each Saturday afternoon to head to Women's Art Club at CRP and express her creativity through painting.

Observing Ramadan in a New Community

For refugees living here in Amman, Ramadan celebrations will be less festive than in the past, because they are so far from their friends and family.

Teen Boredom Among Refugees

Many refugee teens are out of school and unable to work legally. This combination means they have many, many hours to fill on their own.

Raa’d’s Story: From Gamer to Teacher

Raa’d is an English teacher at CRP. He originally started as a student in the English program's advanced level. His English improved to the point of being able to teach the beginner level. Raa’d fled...

CRP’s Nutrition Classes Help Refugee Families Lead Healthier Lives

CRP decided to take action after recent studies found high levels of malnutrition among Somali, Sudanese and Yemeni refugees. Last year, we started a nutrition program at our new downtown center in Amman, which primarily...

How Gorillas and Zombies Helped Raise Money for Refugees

Who would have thought that something out of a Hollywood movie or teenage nightmare would manifest into a fantastic fundraising initiative? But it was precisely this that our own Rob Hamilton could achieve as he...