Raa’d’s Story: From Gamer to Teacher

Raa’d is an English teacher at CRP. He originally started as a student in the English program's advanced level. His English improved to the point of being able to teach the beginner level. Raa’d fled...

The Feedback from Parents

With the increasing number of kids’ programs we have at CRP, we decided that it is necessary to include parents in the educational process. For the past year, CRP has been holding monthly parents awareness sessions...

How Refugee Kids Prepare for Christmas

“What I like most about Christmas is going to Church,” says Jamal, who comes from Iraq and takes part in CRP’s After-School Club. “I always like going to Church because I like the singing, it’s...

Indiegogo Campaign Raises $7973 to Rescue Refugees From Hunger

We could not be more pleased with the success of our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for our ongoing food voucher program.

A Simple Way You Can Help CRP That Only Takes 2 Seconds: Amazon Smile

Getting ready to do some holiday shopping? For many, Amazon.com is a quick and convenient way to do so. Amazon's new program, Amazon Smile, gives .5% of your total purchase price to the non-profit of your choice.

Trying to Find Fun as a Refugee Teen

Fun is important regardless of age, and though our Teen Group involves fewer games, it still encourages friendship, pursuit of hobbies, and laughter. But how do refugee youth entertain themselves day to day, outside of CRP?

Drastic Food Aid Cuts

The first week of September has been one of new hardships and continuing misery for many Syrian refugees who reside in Jordan — one-third of all Syrian refugees in the Middle Eastern region lost their food aid. 

Majeda’s Story

With few opportunities to earn money, refugees living in Jordan are often unable to buy fresh and healthy food for their families. Without healthy food options, the risk of developing health issues increases. Recently, subsidies...

Celebrating Women in our Community

International Women’s Day is March 8th! IWD is a day set apart to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide and call for further change.