CIEE Interns Finish Semester

CRP Interns Fall 2015Last week was the last for our fall interns, Dylan Nir and Katrina Vaca. Dylan and Katrina are Arabic students from Northwestern University and University of California at Berkeley, respectfully. They studied in Amman with the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) through their center for Diplomacy and Policy Studies (DPS), applying their classroom learning to community service and engagement during their time in Jordan.

“Dylan and Katrina were a great addition to our team,” said CRP’s Programs and Administrative Manager. “They both made unique and invaluable contributions to our work and our collaborative working environment. We’re going to miss their outgoing and positive personalities, but I hope they each consider coming back to Amman in the future.”

“I loved CRP because it provided me with ample opportunities to branch out and learn new skills,” said Dylan. “I was able to progress with interests I didn’t even have before I started the internship, and I am no doubt more prepared, and in a better position to compete, for future careers.” Further, “I have also never worked with a team with members so close together. The relationships I formed here motivated me to give my best to the organization.”

Katrina also expressed regret to be leaving. “My position at CRP allowed me to have independence with projects I worked on while being guided by the experience the staff offered offered,” she said. “The sense of community at the center is also very powerful and uplifting, which sets it apart from other offices I have worked for. I will always look back on this internship with pride.”

We wish the best of luck to Dylan and Katrina in all their future pursuits, and we hope to see them back in Amman soon!