At CRP, we are always looking for creative projects that allow community members a space to come together through self-expression.

We especially like anything that celebrates the diversity of our community and highlights CRP’s values. This helps us be mindful of what brings us together in these spaces in the first place–and why it is so important to preserve it.

With this in mind, we’re excited to announce the first phase of our Community Art Project!

In collaboration with artists in CRP’s network and community members, we are creating four murals over the next month. Three will be at our Downtown location and one in Hashemi. These walls may look bleak now, but will soon be filled with vibrant colors and beautiful representations of CRP’s expansive community.

This week, the leaders of our Community Art Project, Milkay (that’s me!) and Grace, kicked off with multiple workshops at both of our centers to recruit artists and volunteers and to solicit ideas.

These workshops, made up of professional artists, adult art students, and youth in the after-school programs, will ensure that the murals we create are a true representation of the entire CRP community. And thanks to Serena Mackenzie at the American Community School in Amman, we will include some international high school art students as well. It really is inspiring to see this project span nationalities, ages, genders, and backgrounds.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the fantastic ideas brainstormed during the workshops–a fair amount of which will become reality.

Stay tuned here, and on Instagram, as we document the process. And if you want to get involved, reply to this email–we’d love to have you!

Milkay Teysir
CRP Summer Intern