Community Center

Collateral Repair Project (CRP) employs a holistic approach that involves deep community engagement, where we help individuals build resilience and heal from trauma. At our two vibrant community centers, we provide a variety of educational, recreational, and wellness activities, aiding our community to gain skills and build community.

Found in locations accessible to large numbers of displaced communities, the centers serve as safe spaces for our beneficiaries to reach out and access help and various forms of support. Our centers are important spaces for fostering social cohesion, as our beneficiaries come together in their participation in our community center programming.

1. Hashemi Shamali, East Amman

Our Hashemi Shamali community center was first opened in 2010, and it has since steadily expanded to three buildings and several courtyards. The community center serves largely Iraqis, Syrians, and vulnerable Jordanians, as it is these nationalities that are found concentrated in the area. The Hashemi community center encompasses four buildings and their shared outdoor areas.

The center houses classrooms, a play area for children, a daycare center, a preschool, a computer lab, a kitchen, a dedicated apartment space for Hope Workshop, a garden, workshops for livelihoods programs, and offices for staff and interns. The community center is home to all of CRP’s youth, educational skill-building, economic empowerment, and psycho-social support programs.

2. The Downtown Amman Center

Housed in historic old buildings, the Downtown Amman community center was opened in the fall of 2018, in response to the needs among communities found in surrounding areas. CRP determined that large and growing numbers of displaced minorities had easy access to Downtown Amman, while our Hashemi Shamali community center was much too far. These displaced minorities include Sudanese, Yemenis, and Somalis, and are critically under-served by the larger humanitarian community.

The center houses several classrooms, a daycare center, office space for staff, a reception area, a kitchen, a wood working workshop for livelihoods activities, a crafts showroom, and a courtyard. Being several times smaller than the Hashemi Shamali center, CRP initially focused primarily on providing emergency assistance and food voucher distributions. CRP has since slowly introduced selected children’s programs, educational programs such as English language, and psycho-social support programs such as Nutritional Awareness. Moving forward, CRP aims to continue to expand more programs in the Downtown, to reach the communities there in more holistic ways.

Today the Downtown community center is thriving, and many of the most successful activities in Hashemi are being launched downtown as well.



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