CRP’s Grant Writing Team

CRP Grants Team April 2019. Left to right: Natalie Bark, Iva Prazen, Bryn Prater, and John Henk. Photo by Arthur Tainturier, CRP Video Intern

Every Monday, the grants team at CRP gathers for their weekly meeting, chairs pulled together and computers at the ready. The atmosphere is light, but without this small group, much of CRP’s programming would not be funded.

The grants team is responsible for identifying and pursuing funding opportunities. While the majority of  CRP’s funding comes from the generosity of individual donors, a significant portion is received from larger organizations such as foundations or corporations. Obtaining these grants requires a great deal of planning and teamwork, resulting in a tight-knit and cohesive group of staff and interns.

The meeting held on April 8th was particularly significant, as it marked the last day of work for Bryn Prater. Bryn came to Jordan intending to stay for only five months but ended up interning with CRP for ten months and becoming an incredibly valuable member of the grants team. What she has found the most surprising about working for CRP are the bonds she has formed with her coworkers. “I didn’t come here expecting to form such strong friendships,” she notes, “there are people I have met here that I know will be lifelong friends.” Bryn will be returning the US, where she will enter a Master’s degree program in Social Work at the University of Michigan. She hopes to devote her career to helping refugees with resettlement.

Iva Prazen began her internship with CRP in January. She studied Arts and Cultural Management at Sheffield Hallam University and can speak several languages in addition to her native Croatian. She brings experience in teaching, administration, and the arts to her work at CRP. Iva intends to apply the knowledge she has gained in grant writing to her passion, which is cultural management. For Iva, one of the best parts of working as a grants intern has been the opportunity to gain skills in communication, which is necessary in grant writing in order to coordinate between the needs of various programs and the preferences of donors.

John Henk has been working as a grants intern for CRP since February. He studied  Anthropology at Yale University and intends to pursue further education after gaining professional experience. His interests lie at the intersection of philosophy, political theory, and economics, with a particular focus on critical economic theory. He observes that working in grants affords a bird’s eye view of each program and its details, as well as fostering a deeper understanding of the issues refugees face.

Natalie Bark is the newest member of the grants team. As a graduate of political science, she has always had an interest in issues of forced migration and refugee experiences but has never had the opportunity to work for an organization devoted to this focus. She was drawn to CRP because of our unique approach to refugee support, combining material assistance with career and personal development. Natalie will be entering the University of Oxford for a Master’s program in Medical Anthropology this autumn.

Leading the team is CRP’s Partnerships and Grants Officer, Sarah Harpending. Sarah joined  CRP in February 2019, taking over from Judy Oldfield Wilson. Sarah has more than 15 years of non-profit management experience and is enthusiastic about searching out sustainable sources of funding for the organization and making alliances with other NGOs and CBOs in Amman. The grants team is integral to the functioning of CRP’s programs, providing a steady stream of funding that ensures consistency in the programming and facilitates their expansion.

The grants team is always looking for talented and enthusiastic new members and will be recruiting again for the Fall of 2019.  If you are interested in working in grant-writing and program development with CRP, click here to get in touch with us and learn more about this opportunity!

While unfortunately not our actual office space, the grants team works hard every day to secure funding, gold, and jewels for CRP’s beneficiaries. Photo and editing by Arthur Tainturier, CRP Video Intern