CRP is Looking to Grow our Board of Directors

About CRP

[Update: deadline for submissions is June 6th, 2022]

Collateral Repair Project (CRP) is a grassroots effort in Amman, Jordan that has provided much-needed assistance to vulnerable communities since 2006. We seek to assist those in need, foster social cohesion, offer learning opportunities, and help in building peace and reconciliation. Our services are provided regardless of background, and we currently provide assistance to people from many nationalities (e.g. Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia).

CRP’s holistic approach involves deep community engagement, where we help individuals build resilience and heal from trauma. At our Family Resource and Community Centers, CRP provides a variety of educational, recreational, and wellness activities, which aid our community to gain skills and build community. Additionally, we provide community service and leadership opportunities for people to serve others, which has proven to be a key driver of empowerment and resilience. CRP’s greatest strengths are the deep knowledge and trust we have established with the community we serve, our commitment to community-based engagement, and our ability to develop nuanced, cost-effective, and impactful programs.

We’re looking to grow the board!

We’re looking to add 1-2 board members to meet the needs of a growing organization! CRP community centers are reopening after covid and we are looking to come back even stronger. We are looking for people who are personally vested in the cause of supporting refugees.

What we’re looking for

In addition to a personal interest in supporting refugees, we’re looking for people with select skills. Below is a list of skills we want to add to the board to take CRP to the next level. We don’t expect one person to be an expert in everything on the list. We’re looking for multiple people to collectively cover the skills identified below.

  • Ability to formulate and execute on strategic vision: This includes defining long-term sustainable growth, strategic planning, and setting the strategic vision for the organization. Experience in nonprofit management or nonprofit more broadly is a plus!
  • Ability to raise major funds: Interest in fundraising and willingness to reach out to major gift contacts for CRP contributions.
  • Individuals with lived experience that reflects that of the community we serve to help guide our vision and execution

Scope of work: What does the role really involve?

  1. Attends and participates regularly in monthly Board meetings, committee meetings and important related meetings. Regular Board meetings are currently held via Skype every other month, organized and led by the Board President. All Board members are encouraged to put forward agenda items, particularly items that require a vote of the Board as broadly defined in CRP’s by-laws. Committees meet quarterly. More infrequently, ad hoc meetings may be called in special situations requiring expedited Board action.
  2. Makes a commitment to participate in Officer and/or committee work for the three year (renewable) term as required.
  3. Participates in fundraising for Collateral Repair Project in the following ways:
    • Raises at least $5,000 for Collateral Repair Project per calendar year; and
    • Supports online fundraising efforts (including quarterly fundraising campaigns) through sharing on social media, spreading the word to friends, family, etc; and
    • Organizes or facilitates the organization of at least 3 public informational and/or fundraiser events for Collateral Repair Project per calendar year; and/or
    • Identifies and builds relationships with potential donors and supporters of CRP; and
    • Connects CRP to fundraising opportunities, including grantmakers and large individual contributors.
  4. Volunteers for assignments and completes them in a timely manner. This includes items associated with Officer positions, fundraising, outreach to ~60 donors/year to thank them for their support.
  5. Stays informed about CRP matters and reviews and comments on minutes and reports.
  6. Builds a collegial working relationship with other Board Members that contributes to consensus.
  7. Contributes to annual personnel and operations evaluation and planning efforts conducted by the Board.
  8. Takes appropriate action on complaints of misconduct reported to the Board member by staff, volunteers, beneficiaries, and other Board members, as stipulated in CRP’s Code of Conduct.
  9. Personally contributes to CRP campaigns.

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