unnamedAmman’s very cold winters are always of great concern for CRP and the refugee community we serve. This time of year, we devote much of our time to ensuring families can survive the brutal cold. Many nights reach freezing temperatures. Families we serve have no central heating and, if they’re lucky, they only have a very small heater. In the past month, we have begun distributing heating fuel, blankets and carpets to families and in just the coming week we plan to reach hundreds more families with blankets, warm winter clothing and heaters.

Heating fuel is needed throughout the winter and it is usually our largest expense this time of year. Now that the WFP has completely halted all food aid for refugees, we will have to divert much of our winter funds to provide immediate assistance for those without enough food these winter months. The next few months will be a busy time as CRP distributes items to keep families warm and healthy and assists new families in dire need of food and basic necessities.