CRP Starts New Programs in Expanded Community Center!


Our Family Resource and Community Center is at the heart of our community building work. Our winter session begins February 8, and alongside all the activities we held in 2014 we’ll add several new programs in our newly expanded space. These programs include a daily-after school club, a toddler playgroup, business and leadership skills training for men and women and community-wide health and wellness sessions. We will continue to add on to our self-care and psycho-social programming, with increased yoga and relaxation techniques classes as well as support groups for men and women for better stress and anger management. We’re so excited to expand on programming to increase our community’s resilience and are delighted with the positive response we’ve had so far from the community. Be sure to “Like” our Facebook page so you can keep up with the many happenings this winter at our center and also to see our new fantastic space.  

Up until now, our small space has kept us from having as many activities as we would like and we’ve continually had to wait to add on new programs that people have requested. Thanks to the very generous fundraising efforts of the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO) and the tireless efforts of FAWCO member Therese Hartwell, CRP has been able to secure the upstairs space to double the size of our community center. We’re so grateful for their support!