How your donation helps refugees in Amman

Amanda Lane, Collateral Repair Project

CRP takes a holistic approach in helping refugees. First we offer food vouchers, which refugees can use to buy groceries like beans, rice, cooking oil, and other items at local stores. In the winter, we also provide coats, blankets.

Once those basic needs are met, we can begin to help refugees cope with the trauma of displacement. We offer different kinds of programming: trauma relief (like yoga and men’s support group), education (like English and computer classes), livelihoods (like our women’s craft collective and beauty training), and kids and youth programming (like our after-school club and teen leadership group).

Your donations directly support the two halves that make a whole at CRP and assist refugees as they rebuild their lives in Amman.

Every bit helps. Here are a few ways your donation might be used:

  • $100 buys a sewing machine for our women’s craft collective
  • $60 feeds a family of five for one month
  • $36 takes our teens on a field trip to the skatepark
  • $9 provides a new school uniform for a child

Who your donation helps:

CRP aids vulnerable Syrian, Iraqi, Sudanese, Somali, and Yemeni refugees living in the city of Amman, as well as needy Jordanians. Jordan has taken in more than a million refugees, the vast majority of whom live in urban settings, with Amman hosting the largest numbers. Your donation helps men, women, and children of all ages, religions, and countries of origin.

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