CRP’s First Interns of 2019!

As a small grassroots organization, CRP relies on motivated, talented individuals for some key areas of our work. This winter, we are lucky to have six new interns to work in our communications and social media, grants, and data-management departments. From Denver to Oslo, Paris to Hamburg, we warmly welcome Malin, Katharine, Arthur, Vanessa, Maureen, and Felix!

Moving south 30 longitudinal lines from freezing-cold Oslo to mildly-tempered Amman, 22 year-old Malin is having a stellar time here already.

Malin is happiest when engaging with other people, beneficiaries and staff alike!

Inspired by her grandparents’ philanthropy despite coming from a modest working-class background, the new social media intern knew early on that she wanted to dedicate her life to help people in need. “I’ve always been engaged in humanitarian work, ever since I was a teenager. I always wanted to work with people, especially those who experience injustice or other difficulties,” she explains. Malin first encountered Peace and Conflict Studies while serving in the Norwegian Army for one year and immediately decided to take it as a major at the University of Oslo after her service. Through a study trip to Palestine, she got acquainted with the Middle East and its unique challenges—and decided to move here to learn more about it. About working at CRP, she says, “I’ve been here one week now and I really like it. I like the staff, the other interns and especially that you get to interact with the beneficiaries directly. CRP has an awesome vibe to it and the projects are amazing!”

Our new PR & Marketing intern, Katharine, from Durham, England, also appreciates working closely with beneficiaries at CRP.

Katharine enjoying the rooftop of CRP’s downtown center.

“While I was at home, I volunteered at a Cafe which serves a lot of refugees in that area. Talking to people there, I learned that every refugee who was there had moved through Jordan first,” says Katharine, explaining how she got the idea to volunteer or intern in the region. “When I saw CRP online, I liked the really big variety of programs they do and the fact that they provide for all generations and entire families.” She also likes CRP’s holistic approach to helping refugees. “It’s about creating a community that beneficiaries can be a part of for years, even after their financial situation improves they can still be part of it. Of her day-to-day work at CRP, she says, “I’m basically trying to make CRP more visible by improving the website and handling the Twitter account.”

Not just one but two new contributors to CRP’s outward communication hail from England’s neighbor, France. Felix (27) and Arthur (30) are both videographers, albeit with a slightly different focus.

Arthur is a seasoned photographer and videographer. And just a really nice guy.

Born in a small village in the french Normandy, Arthur moved around different countries a lot with his parents and now self-identifies as a “citizen of the world.” After graduating in business and working in Paris for a few years, he moved to Jordan in 2016 to focus on his true passion: photography. “My interest in photography started when my mom spent some inheritance money to buy a good camera. That was 15 years ago. I ended up using it more than her and it became a hobby,” he remembers. Although he’s always been passionate about film, he only started working in videography recently. At CRP, he wants to up his skills to the next level. “I like the philosophy here. The trauma relief, the whole psychological aspect. . . many NGOs don’t really care about these things. CRP puts beneficiaries at the center of their programming, it’s a great environment,” Arthur remarks.

His fellow countryman Felix agrees: “I first volunteered with CRP in early 2018 and loved being part of the team.” He returned to Amman from different projects in the region to follow up with CRP’s communication team and help to implement new tools that will strengthen the storytelling delivery. “It’s a pleasure to see so much improvement since last year in the way they are helping people and this is why I’m happy to be here,” the young multi-talent says. Felix originally studied cinema, fine arts, and transmedia studies in France before embarking on a range of different projects throughout Europe. In 2015, Felix decided to go document the ”refugees crisis” at the borders of Europe and the Middle East. He has since worked and volunteered in as many as 15 countries in different capacities like teaching languages and holding educational workshops with youth and adult refugees.

“There is so much need for the different populations in Jordan, especially in the camps where most of the humanitarian help is going to. CRP, though much smaller than other NGOs, has a much better impact on people’s lives because of the cultural comprehension, the authenticity and the personal relations it maintains with them,” Felix is convinced. “I’m glad to continue working with CRP for a better tomorrow.”

Rounding out our cast of European interns is Vanessa. “As a Business and IT major, it’s not very obvious that I wanted to work at an NGO like CRP,” the new donor-relations intern laughs, then adds, “but I think it’s very important for people with a technical background to also work in the social field, because I think NGOs can benefit a lot from technical knowledge, so you can have an impact and make a difference even as an intern.”

Vanessa is excited to work in a new field and put her technical knowledge to good use.

Before coming to work in Jordan, she volunteered with refugees in Germany for many years. “I feel very passionate about the topic, and here in Jordan, people need help even more urgently than back home.” In her former volunteering positions, she worked directly with beneficiaries, teaching German and helping them with German bureaucracy. At CRP, Vanessa is interning in donor relations. “I love that I get to try out something new and know the administrative side of things.”

Communications and social media intern Maureen came to Amman in 2017 from Denver, Colorado—originally to learn Arabic.

Maureen has a history of activism back home and now wants to make a difference working at CRP.

She fell in love with a Jordanian man on her frisbee team and returned one year later to get married and work in the humanitarian sector. “I want to do something meaningful,” she professes. Activism had been a big part of her college experience: “I went to the first Women’s March in Chicago, which was really awesome, and then to a few rallies at campus.” She wanted to keep contributing and being an ally to those in need and is now pursuing a career in the field. “I really like CRP. It’s a small organization, which I really like. Grassroots work. Some NGOs funded by governments have a questionable impact on the communities. I don’t think that happens here. It’s clear that CRP really cares about the beneficiaries and that they come first always.”

We are truly fortunate to have these unique young people on our team and hope they have a memorable experience at CRP. Our team for 2019 is ready to tackle the challenges of working in a humanitarian sector with decreasing international aid. They are motivated by an intrinsic belief that helping one another is at the core of our humanity.

We are actively looking for summer interns to start in May. Fill out this form today! We’ll hold interviews in March.