CRP is currently in the process of implementing a new supportive arts program for adults, teens, and children of all ages. With the help of Cheryl, a volunteer art therapist, and her team, we are launching a sustainable, supportive art program in the CRP community. Like many of our programs, this will add to the many factors contributing to what makes CRP so special – the uniquely intimate, comfortable, and fun atmosphere that the community center fosters.

Cheryl and her team have begun leading the program as well as training coordinators to continue the program after they leave. Through this program, we will provide a platform in the community for the promotion of self esteem and empowerment for the adults, teens, and children who participate.

During the activities, the participants express themselves through the art materials, using many different mediums. They then interpret and share their work with the other participants. The team has already hosted events with adults, teens, and children, all to wonderful reviews by the participants. CRP is extremely grateful to Cheryl and her team and are very excited about the future of this program.