Our Zumba fitness class is a popular program among women of all ages at CRP.

Program-instructor Kristin is a professional fitness trainer with a passion for volunteering in the refugee community in Amman. When she first heard that CRP wanted to begin a Zumba fitness program, she was eager to volunteer and contribute to women’s fitness in a place where many women do not have access to a gym, and where their community doesn’t always support exercising outside in public spaces.

The group meets once a week depending on everyone’s schedules, and sometimes they hold special events on Saturday mornings, with opportunities for the participants’ children to join in.  Some women are regulars and have been involved for some time, and others are new to the program or even to Zumba. “It’s been fun to be with these ladies—it’s been a really great time, and I think we all feel good when we leave,” Kristin comments.

Zumba fitness is a latin music-based, dance-aerobics routine, created in the 1990s and currently very popular around the world. It’s mainly cardio training, a form of energetic dancing that incorporates aerobic movements such as squats and lunges. There’s not as much strength training involved as there is with yoga. In order to incorporate some balance into their regimen and provide a more well-rounded fitness opportunity, Kristin adds a high-intensity strength training component every other week. This elicits some well-meaning complaints from the group!

“It’s my first day here, but I really enjoyed the class today,” says Hadeel, a young Iraqi refugee brand-new to CRP and to Amman. “I used to do Zumba only in my house, and this gives me the opportunity to exercise and have fun in a group setting.”

Most importantly, all of the women were energized and comfortable with each other, pleased with the progress they made in class.  We look forward to seeing them all back next week!