Dima, Teen Program Coordinator

The educational programs at CRP have seen exponential growth in success and demand over the past year and a half. To keep growing and serving more kids, CRP has decided to hire another member of our education team.

Dima originally applied to volunteer at CRP. After our volunteer coordinator interviewed her, however, we thought she might be a great candidate for the Teen Program Coordinator position, which we were actively seeking to fill.

With her extensive experience working in the MENA region in the humanitarian field and her work with refugees, she is more than qualified to help us realize our goals.

Teens are a big demographic in our community, and earlier this year we realized that we needed more teen programming.

With this age being such a sensitive and defining period of a person’s life we needed someone who can tackle this age group and develop different programs and activities that would help these teens.

“Teen refugees face a lot of obstacles that hinder their development. One of the biggest of these obstacles is the lack of opportunities for them to help unravel their potential. Losing hope and vision for the future, which can lead their mental health to deteriorate, a lot of them even spiral into depression,” says Dima.

By providing opportunities to express themselves and explore their own abilities and talents, these programs can help them build character, confidence, and self-esteem.

Dima is focusing on two projects while at CRP, the first being the new “All-Stars” program.This program is for teens who dropped out of school. The goal of the program is to minimize the gap in education that teens face by working on restoring their passion and faith in education through our own basic English, Arabic, and math programs provided for them or by encouraging them to go back to school.

Dima is working on creating a program that is inviting and is as far as possible from a typical classroom setting. The program includes various activities such as interactive games, sports, trips, music, art, and vocational programs, all of which are unlocked after completing the basic Arabic, English, and math classes provided.

The other project Dima is working on focuses on building cultural cohesion among the teen refugee community in the downtown area of Amman. This community hosts a large number of the Sudanese, Somali, and Yemeni refugees population, most of them being isolated within their own community. They are not interacting with the local communities or other refugee communities through intercultural activities like cooking classes or music, so this program will help with that.

“We’ve always needed someone to focus on the teens, I’m very happy we finally have Dima to be able to kickstart these vital programs,” says Sara, our kids’ program coordinator.

Recent grants from Schüler Helfen Leben and Rotary International, as well money we’ve raised from individual donors, enabled us to hire Dima. Thanks so much to all for support for teens at CRP.