Help us help four refugee families in need

Meet Iman, Rihab, Zayneb, and Muna, four refugee mothers from Daara, Syria. Four years ago, the four women and their families fled the fighting in Syria and have been eking out a fragile existence in Jordan ever since. Their children range in age from 1 to 13 and there are no men in the group. They are completely dependent on charity to survive, and life as a single mother is  tough in Jordan where they are discriminated against.

The only thing keeping these four Syrian women and their 16 children from homelessness is the kindness of strangers.

Although three of the four women’s husbands are still alive, the fathers have been separated from their families. Refugees are forbidden to work in Jordan by law and the men felt that leaving was the only option. They made the dangerous trek to Europe via Turkey hoping to earn money to feed their families and possibly find a path to citizenship. Their husbands are now living in refugee camps in Sweden, have yet to get legal status, are not allowed to work, so they’re still unable to provide for their families.

The women say they are “praying for a miracle,” to be reunited with their husbands one day, but no one knows when that might happen. Their few belongings include clothes, rugs and mattresses. The children have no toys and their mothers lack basic everyday necessities and struggle to feed their children with vouchers they receive from the UN (amounting to $14 per person per month).

A group of us, involved with CRP, have taken these families under our care. We visit the families weekly to provide needed supplies and emotional support. After we pledged to fundraise their rent they sent this text message, “We all cried after you left. We are happy not so much because of the house but because you treated us like human beings and cared about people like us.” These women have been through so much, their strength and resilience in the face of uncertainty and crisis is truly inspiring.

You Can Help Now!

1. DONATE: Even the smallest donation helps! 45$/month pays the monthly rent for one family member. $7 buys a gas canister for a month. $930 covers the monthly rent and utilities for all 20 people plus some basic supplies.


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2. PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT MONTHLY: A monthly USD $46.50 pledge supports one family member on an ongoing basis, and provides much-needed security and peace of mind.

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To cover their costs for 2017, we’ve raised $4556 to date and still have $8119 to go.

100% of your donations go directly to Iman, Muna, Rihab and Zayneb. We take nothing.

Please help us take care of them. We need your help to keep them safe, housed and warm.

If you want to raise funds for these mothers in your community, or if you would like to say anything at all, please contact us using the form below and we’ll provide you the support you need.