Become a Partner in Repair

In a time when emergency aid is so critical, the ‘Partners in Repair’ program provides a predictable source of income we can count on each month. This allows us to plan ahead and quickly respond to the needs of our growing community. It means we can spend more time assisting those who need us most.

BECOME A MONTHLY DONOR HERE in US dollars (USD $). Or make a monthly donation in Canadian dollars (CAD $), British pounds (GBP £), or Euros (EUR €)

Here is how your monthly contribution can make a real difference for our community:

  • $7 feeds one person for a week
  • $14 buys school supplies for a child
  • $20 buys a mattress for one person
  • $28 feeds one person for a month
  • $56 feeds a family of five for a month

For information about changing your monthly subscription, please click here.

Benefits of Monthly Giving:

The Partners in Repair Program benefits both the families we serve and our supporters.

Advantages of monthly giving for Collateral Repair Project:

  • A steady and predictable source of program funds
  • Income that will provide weeks, months, and years of protection to families in urgent need of emergency assistance

Advantages of monthly giving for our supporters:

  • Monthly contributions ensure sustainable support for impoverished families
  • You can spread your support over the course of the year, rather than making one larger donation
  • You can increase, decrease, or cancel your pledge whenever you wish
  • One annual statement to assist in tax preparation