How You Can Help

There are many different and creative ways you can help our community grow!

1. Liking our Facebook page and sharing posts on Facebook is very important! It helps to spread awareness of the forgotten struggle of our community members and of CRP’s work.

2. Inviting your networks to like the CRP Facebook page is a great way to increase the number of people who are getting up-to-date information about our work. Increasing the network of our supporters provides a broad pool of resources to extend our program activities.

3. Following CRP on TwitterInstagram, and Linkedin helps you keep up to date with the latest information, program highlights, and news. And of course, you can help spread the word!

4. Hosting an informal dinner or gathering where you share information about CRP and ask guests to donate and/or sign up to become a Partner in Repair. Read more here!

5. Intern or volunteer with our Family Resource and Community Center here in Amman, Jordan. We are always looking for strong, committed volunteers and interns to help us help Amman’s urban refugee population. Find out more here!

6. Gifts in lieu of presents—instead of giving your friends and loved ones a headache by making them guess what to get you for your birthday, ask them to make a gift to the most vulnerable of our community and donate to CRP! We are happy to work with you to share information and/or photos of activities at CRP that you can share with your invitees. Contact us here for more information.

7. Reaching out to groups and local businesses you may belong to (church, school, professional or social clubs, gyms, yoga studios, coffee shops, etc.) and asking them to help you raise funds and awareness.

8. Holding a garage sale, bake sale or silent auction and donating the proceeds to CRP. Have a donation box with information or even a laptop with CRP videos playing to help people learn more about our work.

Raising Money for CRP in your community.

In addition to the ideas above, you can use the resources and our fundraising packet (download here) to help you to raise money for CRP. 

Included in the packet are: a sample donation request letter, recipes, posters, and graphics for CRP.

Here’s what a few of our supporters had to say about their events!

“We had a great time gathering together for a cozy potluck on a cold afternoon. It was easy to organize, and everyone was more than happy to help out with such a great cause that doesn’t get nearly enough attention.” —Beth Martin (Ottawa, Canada)

“We hosted a party for our friends to support CRP. The evening was a tremendous success. It was super easy, fun and a profound experience too. The work that CRP does is inspirational, positive, and important.” —Nick and Tamara Brinckman (Toronto, Canada)

“For my daughter’s 7-year-old birthday party, we encouraged parents to donate whatever they would have spent buying a present to kids abroad where it will make a big difference.” —Jennifer Ross (New York, USA)