Computer Classes

“I have been waiting for this chance for a long time. I wasn’t able to do things like this in Iraq, but CRP opened the door to me and I came and learned computers.” — Sana’, Computer Class Participant

One of CRP’s most successful programs is our computer skills training course, which is taught and organized by volunteers from the community. Beneficiaries learn to use computers for work and fun. Computer skills are invaluable and grow increasingly in demand each year. These skills also allow people to reach out and stay in touch with family members or friends who may have gotten resettled or separated. The ability to navigate a computer and the internet helps people feel like a part of the world around them; they can research their interests, search for employment if they get resettled, and provide marketable skills for future jobs.

Learning to navigate computers is also therapeutic. As students learn to control programs, it gives them a sense of power that they don’t often feel in their lives.

Students learn and develop skills such as word-processing, email, Internet, and to generally feel more confident when using a computer. Our beginner group learns the basic functions of computers, including how to save documents properly, organize files and folders, and other elementary skills. The intermediate and advanced groups focus on more advanced concepts, such as how to use Microsoft Office and Photoshop. Students also have the opportunity to connect with family and friends around the world via Skype and Facebook.

At CRP, we offer mixed-gender computer classes, ICDL Certification for Women, and incorporate computers into our After-School Club, SuperGirls program, and Teen Group.

ICDL Certification for Women
CRP offers women the opportunity to become ICDL (International Computer Driving License) certified. This certification enhances employment opportunities for refugees in the case of possible resettlement and promotes self-confidence and hope for the future. Obtaining ICDL Certification helps these women feel as though they are doing something productive with their time while they are unable to work or attend school and working towards a goal helps reduce stress. ICDL Certification is internationally recognized and measures computer literacy in areas such as word processing, spreadsheets, project planning, and many other possible modules.

A big thanks to FAWCO, with whose support we established the ICDL class for women!

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