ELearning Language Exchange

“This will be a great way to improve our English and an excellent chance to practice with native English speakers!” —Naseer, Intermediate English Student at CRP & Iraqi refugee

For some of our more advanced English students, we offer an eLearning language-exchange program over Skype. We designed our eLearning program to supplement the other ESL classes at our Community Center and give our committed, higher-level students extra practice speaking with native English speakers. Many students do not have an opportunity to speak English outside CRP’s classrooms, so the eLearning language exchange program encourages them to actually use and practice the vocabulary and grammar they learn in classes.

We recruit volunteers from around the world who engage in one-on-one Skype sessions with students for one or two hours per week. Sessions differ based on the volunteer’s teaching style—some discuss topical issues, others design structured lessons—but our students who participate in the program benefit simply from having a designated time where they can speak English.

This one-on-one conversational practice is invaluable. Our English classes typically hold around 15 students, so an hour of personal practice really helps to accelerate pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, and helps to make students feel more comfortable using English.

The program is relatively new, but already has a very lengthy waitlist! To allow more students to join the exchange, we need more volunteers. Volunteers must be willing to commit to Skyping with a student for an hour or two a week. Teaching experience is not required, and the program gives you an opportunity to get to know a student from across the world.

If you are interested in becoming an eLearning volunteer, please fill out this form or email [email protected]

The U.S. Embassy in Jordan provided the initial seed money for this program.

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ELearning Improves Refugees’ English

When Haifaa started talking to volunteer Susan over Skype a year ago, she was shy and barely managed to form a correct sentence. A year later, she is an advanced speaker and writer of English and thinks about studying at university. Read on to find out more about the eLearning program and how you can sign up to help people like Haifaa!

How You Can Reach Refugees Over Skype

We’re thrilled to say that we are about to launch a new eLearning language exchange program over Skype! Thanks in part to a grant, we’re expanding our ESL classes.