English Classes

“Without CRP, I would not speak English.” —Sameer, English Student at CRP & Syrian refugee

One of our most popular programs, with attendance in the hundreds, our English classes continue to grow since we first began the program in 2008. Available to teenaged and adult refugees, our English courses run regularly throughout the year. We offer six different skill placements to make sure that everybody receives the attention and education they deserve.

English-language skills are invaluable to refugees. Many Syrian and Iraqi refugees in our community hope to eventually resettle in English-speaking countries. Learning to speak English can also help these refugees find employment in the future and more easily integrate into their new communities. Teachers focus many lessons on practical applications, like going to the doctor or picking out groceries at the supermarket. English also provides opportunities for refugees to connect with people all over the world.

Refugees may wait years to be resettled, and most refugees will never actually find resettlement in the West. English classes help them to fulfill their time in Amman in a productive way, alleviating much of the stress and boredom they may face from not being able to work or attend school.

While many of our students are new to studying English, others previously studied in their home countries, where their learning was interrupted when they had to flee. Attending our classes helps our students regain a sense of routine and normalcy.

In order to help our students practice as much as possible and increase their proficiency, we are expanding into an eLearning Lab where students can practice their conversational skills over Skype with teachers we have individually selected from around the world.

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We rely heavily on volunteers to teach our English classes. Want to join them? Follow this link to find out more!

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ELearning Improves Refugees’ English

When Haifaa started talking to volunteer Susan over Skype a year ago, she was shy and barely managed to form a correct sentence. A year later, she is an advanced speaker and writer of English and thinks about studying at university. Read on to find out more about the eLearning program and how you can sign up to help people like Haifaa!

A Place for Neglected Communities to Heal and Grow

CRP’s new downtown center opened recently to provide a safe space for neglected refugee communities. Read more to learn what kind of classes beneficiaries are most excited about!

English Classes Provide Hope and Friendship

English classes not only provide language skills to our community members—they are also a space of laughter, joy and new friendships.

“Life on Pause” – How Kareem finds purpose while waiting for resettlement

The first thing that sticks out about Kareem is his accent. When meeting the 20-year old at CRP, one is immediately struck by his good English. Where did the Iraqi, who arrived in Jordan three years ago, get his American accent from? The answer tells a lot about daily lives of young Iraqi refugees in […]

Summer English Classes Begin!

Like many refugees, Noor hopes to improve her English skills. CRP’s English Classes, one of our most popular programs, give refugees that opportunity.

Teen Education at CRP: Good for the Whole Community

Whether in school or out of school, refugee or Jordanian citizen, the first thing that draws teens to CRP is the promise of English and computer classes.

How You Can Reach Refugees Over Skype

We’re thrilled to say that we are about to launch a new eLearning language exchange program over Skype! Thanks in part to a grant, we’re expanding our ESL classes.

English: A Way to Prepare for the Future

CRP holds beginner, intermediate, and advance level English courses all five days a week. Each class meets twice a week, for one hour.

Teaching English at CRP

“Teaching Syrian and Iraqi refugees, my students, was a humbling and incredibly transformative experience. My students were mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters, with beautiful ideas and dreams.”

Kicking Off English Classes for the Fall!

One of CRP’s longest-running and most popular programs is the English classes that we offer to refugees (and Jordanians!) of all backgrounds and nationalities who live in our community.

Summer ESL Classes

At the beginning of August, CRP started back up its own ESL classes for adults in the community. Two levels were offered, one for beginners and one for moderate to advanced learners.

New English Classes!

English classes are in full swing! Last week we began a new session of classes to accommodate many more interested students!

Winter English Classes Begin at Community and Family Resource Center

On Monday, we started up our winter English class session. Volunteers Julia and Abu Abdullrahman had two full classes of beginner level students.