Music Club

“Music has seven notes… these seven notes unite the world.… I personally consider music to be a declaration of love and peace” — Maher, Music Instructor at CRP

A refugee beneficiary at CRP started our Music Club, which meets twice per week and teaches the music basics. Despite limited instruments, classes are always full and enthusiastic. During class, participants pass on to each other the knowledge they have gathered. On occasion, Music Club throws concerts at the Community Center.

Music provides an outlet for refugees. When the club meets, they are able to leave their problems behind and express themselves through music. Learning to read and write music allows a sense of accomplishment for potentially undereducated members of the community, and is good for developing good memory and brain development, no matter people’s ages. Playing and learning about music provides much-needed stress relief and encourages creativity.

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Keeping the Beat at Kids’ Club

For the past couple of months, the hallways around CRP have been noisier. Kids sitting around drum circles banging away with all their might. But we’re not complaining.

Providing Therapy Through Music

The music therapy classes that Helena is currently doing at CRP revolve around percussion instruments. They use drums “because they are less restrictive” and thus allow participants to better express themselves.

Music Fun at CRP!

Over the past few weeks CRP has been visited by group of musicians working in collaboration with B Major, a local music organization in Jordan.