I Read Arabic

“I love using the app to read colourful stories with my teacher,” -Laylah, I Read Arabic Program Student

The I Read Arabic program helps children aged six to eight years old learn to read and write Arabic. Most of the students taking part grew up speaking Arabic, or have learned Arabic as a second language, but struggle with basic literacy, because they have not been able to attend schools. Written and spoken Arabic are very different, which makes it extra hard for kids to catch up.

The students use the “I Read Arabic” app created by Little Thinking Minds. This app allows them to learn interactively, with videos, games and quizzes designed to teach the Arabic alphabet, and Arabic grammar and vocabulary. The app has nineteen different study levels, and teachers can create unique lessons to meet the needs of each child.

Volunteers lead the lessons, and they are always thinking of new ways to entertain the kids, with stories, games, cartoons, and even a handmade puppet theater! Lessons always end with a fun activity, such as dancing or drawing. CRP encourages the kids to draw pictures that represent the Arabic words they have learnt to read and write. Dancing helps them to relax and enjoy themselves.

I Read Arabic classes have been a huge success. The students meet for an hour and a half twice a week, and attendance has been very consistent. The kids enjoy using the app and are always excited to join in with the drawing and dancing.

Special thanks to Little Thinking Minds, creators of the I Read Arabic app. Thanks also to Rotary International, for funding this program and providing tablets for the children to use.