Help Me Support Refugee Families in Need

Eliav Brooks-Rubin

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Eliav Brooks-Rubin and Hala, a Syrian Refugee

Working with refugees has been important to me, not only around my bar mitzvah, but in my life. My mom worked on refugee issues at the State Department for many years, and I learned from her how critical it is that we all do what we can for people who have lost everything and had to leave their homes. I had the chance to visit CRP in Amman with my family in December 2015 and deliver school supplies that my class had collected. It felt amazing to be able to do even that small part to help.

As I have studied more this year and learned about what it means to become a bar mitvzah, I understand even more what it means to fulfill the commandments and serve others. Not just once or twice but as much as possible. So I will be donating part of the gifts I receive back to CRP to ensure they can keep doing the work they do to support the lives of so many refugee families in Jordan. I am also raising money for refugee children who arrive to our area, but I want to do what I can to make sure the refugees who have faced so many tests and challenges are able to have the support they need in Amman to eat, heat their homes, educate their children, and pursue new opportunities in a new country.

Here’s how CRP describes its mission:

“Collateral Repair Project’s mission is twofold: basic-needs and psychosocial support. We are deeply ingrained in the community we serve. And as such, once we’ve helped them meet their nutritional needs, we try to provide community-building programs for our beneficiaries. This includes some of our activities such as Men’s Group, Hope Workshop, After-School Club, and Teen Group. However, we also support refugee families in more practical ways. Our Food-Voucher Program, School-Supply Drives, and basic provision of home needs (blankets, fuel, etc) provide much needed relief to refugee families that are barred from work. Especially in the winter months when temperatures in Amman can plummet.”

Please join me and help Collateral Repair Project support those who have lost everything.

You Can Help Now!

Even the smallest donation helps! $7 buys a gas canister for a month. $17 can pay for a warm blanket. And $60 helps feed a family of five for a month.