Emergency Assistance for New Families

unnamed-5Home visits are an integral part of our Emergency Assistance Program because they allow us to better understand the needs of our community and respond quickly. This week we visited Hashem, Lubna, and their six young children in their home.

In October 2014, they fled Iraq after facing intense sectarian violence. When they began receiving threatening letters from a local militia, Hashem and Lubna knew it was time to leave. Both Hashem’s mother and his brother’s family fled with them. CRP has been helping his mother and now helps the whole family.

Like most refugees we serve, Hashem and Lubna did not have time to gather their belongings or save money before fleeing. Hashem, Lubna, and their children now live in an apartment with one table, no carpets, and a few thin mattresses. They rely on monthly food vouchers, but they also have kind neighbors who sometimes help them by leaving food at their front door.

This family’s resilience and optimism truly makes them stand out. As more and more refugees are left without assistance as support dries up, we are working hard to do as much as we can to help these families in need.