DSC06248We could not be happier with the progress of our Empowering Female Leaders project. Supported by US-nonprofit Dining for Women, we have already trained 25 women on women’s rights, refugee rights and advocacy. Eleven women leaders from these trainings have now begun to train a new group of 25 women. This is a first for CRP—supporting community leaders to facilitate workshops and take the lead in educating others in the community—and we are thrilled with the results.

The women are excited to use their new skills. Community leader Nadia exclaims, “This program has enabled us to build on our knowledge and share it with new women participants. It also gives us self confidence to put the new information we’ve learned into practice. Thanks, CRP!”


We really believe that in order to have sustainable success in educating vulnerable populations about their rights that we have to both empower our community through education and also equip them with skills to teach others.

A recent training session included a discussion on the UN Human Rights Declaration, with women selecting key passages to share with the class. After much discussion, the women agreed that knowledge of rights is particularly critical for vulnerable individuals in societies and is a must for everyone.


Many participants express how participation in the program has greatly increased their self esteem. Salmah, a project trainer, says, “I don’t have any previous experience in human rights, but what I’ve learned has helped increase my experience and I now feel like a leader. I love this group and I love CRP.” Jenan, another trainer, explains, “The workshops are splendid and wonderful. We’ve learned so much about rights, family violence and social issues. This has made a positive impact on my personality.”

Educating women, minorities, the disenfranchised, and other vulnerable individuals is a key component in empowering and changing the way societies function, and we are so happy to spearhead this important work. In the coming year, CRP will continue to train new women and support more women leaders in our community.