Empowering Female Leaders

Next month we will begin the first phase of our women’s empowerment program! Thanks to Dining for Women (DFW), a US-based non-profit giving circle, we will launch a 2-year project to promote women’s empowerment through self-care, health, and leadership.

The Equipping and Empowering Female Leaders project will work with 25 women within our community in 4 phases. The first phase will focus on psychosocial wellness through relaxation techniques, yoga and art therapy. The second phase will emphasize the importance of self-care and health–focusing on topics like stress management, nutrition on a small budget, and healthy lifestyles. The third and fourth components will focus on leadership skills in order to encourage women to take active decision-making roles in the community and learn to advocate for themselves.

The women are excited to learn techniques to improve their health and well being, and we are sure their new knowledge will positively influence their families and their community. We can’t wait to get started!