We are back from the summer break with a brand new podcast episode! 

You have a lot to look forward to. Along with some changes in the podcast team, the podcast structure and sound have changed as well, so make sure to give it a listen! 

With the fall slowly approaching, the CRP summer camp ends and kids are slowly returning back to school to begin a new school year. This is why we have decided to make the education of kids, and especially teens, the focal point of this episode. Displaced children face many barriers when integrating into a school system in a different country, and CRP is trying to ease the pressure of all the changes by providing a number of programs for kids and teens. First, our  Community Center Programs Manager Jessie will fill you in on the situation in Jordan with regards to the education of displaced children. After that, you will hear about the unique CRP program “Teen All-Stars” from its coordinator Alaa, and to wrap up, two of the teens from the program will share their experiences from it.   

You can now look forward to one episode each month, each one centering around an interesting topic that will help you understand the life of refugees in Jordan!