Back to school week has started and with it comes the energy of new beginnings. The Family Resource and Community Center at CRP is the headquarters for our community activities that supplement our Emergency Assistance Program. CRP believes that refugees not only require food, clothing, and household necessities, but also a communal and cultural network with which to rebuild their lives here in Amman. We’ve had a busy first few weeks of school here in Hashemi Shemali. Here are some of our weekly programs for fall:

  1. Between Sunday and Thursday we have English classes for adult language learners, which gives students of different levels the chance to improve their English speaking skills with our native-speaker teachers.
  1. Four days a week we have computer literacy classes, teaching skills students can use for future careers in writing and technology either in Jordan or once resettled abroad.
  1. For the kids, we have After School Club (ASC) four days a week which covers math, literacy, and physical education. For children in our community who are unable to attend school on a daily basis, ASC  is a safe haven and a place where parents know their children are learning basic skills they have not been receiving due to displacement.
  1. Once a month, we offer a medical class on first aid, health and wellness and dentistry taught by volunteer physicians from local clinics.
  1. We also offer a diverse array of programs for everyone young to old. On Saturday mornings, children come in and play with Legos, dollhouses, and slides on our outdoor playground. We have two Girl Scout groups, and a skateboarding group that meets at 7Hills Skateboard Park. We also offer Zumba, yoga classes, and a weekly Dominoes Night social activity for men.
One of our teens at her skateboarding lesson at 7Hills
  1. In addition to the dance, English, and literacy classes, we offer social empowerment programs. Our Empowering Female Leaders program trains local women on issues ranging from domestic violence to family planning, and a Sunday men’s group meets to provide each other advice and support. Our teen “Be the Change” group provides a safe dialogue space for teens, and our women’s collective, Hope Workshop, creates handmade gifts to sell and receive income from.

With so much going on, there is always an opportunity to stay busy, learn, and have fun!