With the situation becoming more precarious by the day, families from Iraq and Syria are fleeing in droves to neighboring Jordan in search of safety and security. These new families coming into Jordan not only face an unstable and uncertain future but worsening food security problems.

Since the summer, CRP has increased the amount of food vouchers it gives out each month to these families in need. On October 27th, CRP distributed another round of extra food vouchers. 42 families were helped; 19 Iraqi families, 18 Syrian families, 4 Jordanian families, and one Algerian family. In total 200 people were reached and $1,992 was distributed.

“Food security is always the priority,” CRP Programs Director, Ghazwan, said. As such, our organization began to allocate more monetary resources to increase food vouchers. This is essential because more people are knocking on our door who need this basic necessity. CRP hopes to continue to expand its food voucher aid so even more of the refugee population in Amman can become food secure. With your support, we hope to continue expanding our emergency assistance program and ensure that all of our families have enough food to put on the table.